Amethyst Crystal Stone Set by Tiny Rituals


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Sweetly serene, these tumbled Amethyst stones are here to sweep out negative energy and to help you leap to a higher realm. Shimmering with a silver and purple color, this tumbled gemstone is known for its halo of healing and its uncanny ability to keep you still and calm and forever connected to your shiny crown chakra.

Amethyst Stone Set by Tiny Rituals


Get ready to wear a crown of higher purpose as you welcome these Amethyst tumbled stones into your world. Clearing the pathway of any kind of psychic attack, these pretty healing crystals are all about meditative magic and saying yes to all the lessons of enlightenment. Amethyst works with the third eye chakra, inviting you to see deeper into your own soul and to find all the answers that are stashed inside.

While Amethyst may be famed for its connection to spiritual sass, it also lends a hand in the physical realm too. This stone can get to work on making sure your endocrine system is working smoothly and can boost immunity, restful sleep, and even help your body shake off migraines. Simply soothing, tumbled Amethyst helps you heave a sigh of relief at first sight.

This gem has also been used for centuries as an amulet of protection. For all those who want to keep bad vibes at bay, Amethyst can shimmer and chase the shadows away. It protects from all kinds of harmful energy and is a must for anyone who is looking to align their chakras and get their inner house in order. With these tumbled gemstones you can place them on the body for beautiful healing. Place these gems on your third eye, hold them during meditation, place them in a crystal grid, or stash somewhere sacred in the home to stay connected to your higher purpose.



  • Set of 3 unique and genuine Amethyst gemstones
  • Approx..1.5-2" each
  • Color, shape, and markings will vary
  • Comes with a description card


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