Solid 14k White Gold Florence Nightingale Necklace


Material: Solid 14k White Gold
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Florence Nightingale was a public health pioneer. She revolutionized healthcare with her no-nonsense approach to hygiene, sanitation and patient care and transformed nursing into a highly valued profession.

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You’re known as a protector and provider for your loved ones. Like Florence Nightingale, you’re always looking for ways to help those in need and make the world a healthier place.

  • You’re never without a bottle of Purell
  • Your friends text you instead of searching WebMD
  • You’re always willing to “work the night shift” to get the job done
  • You make a mean chicken noodle soup


  • Our Goddess Coins are handcrafted and hand-polished
  • Solid 14k white gold
  • Includes a solid 14k white gold box chain with a lobster claw clasp
  • 20mm diameter, 2mm thick Florence Nightingale pendant with a dynamic triangular bale
  • Includes our beloved "Hello, Goddess" mirror gift box and brand booklet describing your chosen Goddess' characteristics
Solid 14k White Gold
​Solid 14k White Gold

We make our solid gold jewelry with 14k gold. Why? 18k or 24k gold is softer and will show signs of wear more easily. Our customers tend to wear their Goddess Coins every day, and 14k provides superior durability.

  • thically Sourced materialsEthically Sourced materials – DEP and FLA certified
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Florence Nightingale IRL Style Tips

Never Fold Under Pressure

Like Florence, your beauty comes from keeping calm under any circumstance—and dressing the part.


Mask Up

Ms. Nightingale would be the first to say wear your mask. Doesn’t mean they can’t be cute.


Treat Yourself

Let your skin breathe, use a dewy moisturizer, hydrate. Florence would love that for you.


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