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  • Which Goddess from mythology or history do you want to see added to the Awe Pantheon?

    Nominate your Goddess and tell us why you'd love to see her honored. Does this Goddess empower or inspire you? Does she give you courage to overcome challenges or do you hope to channel her divine energy? Let us know!

    Voting will begin next week on @aweinspired Instagram Stories. 

    New this year: If the Goddess you nominate is chosen, you will get to join and participate in the design session for her piece!

  • I'd love to see Asherah — she was a beloved Mother Goddess in Israel and was known as the Queen of Heaven, G-d's wife. She is protective and a mother to all. I gravitate towards mother Goddesses. 

  • I would love to see the Muses or something around creativity and the arts! As a creative, it's nice to have a muse!

  • Ishtar! A ancient Mesopotamia goddesses she is known for love, sensuality and war.  I love goddesses who have a wide range of attributes as we are all complex and ever-changing.  

  • I would love a necklace created around the Valkyries! My grandmother was named for Brunhilde it would be amazing to be able to carry them with me! 

  • I would love to see Eir, the Norse goddess of healing and medicine. 

  • Circe -my reason is copied from Wikipedia.  "Circe was also taken as the archetype of the predatory female. In the eyes of those from a later age, this behaviour made her notorious both as a magician and as a type of sexually free woman."   I think many women can relate to her. 

  • Lady of Beasts! She is a Bada as fertility goddess from people of Crete, Ur, and Sumer 

  • I would love to see Minerva as the next goddess. Roman Goddess of Wisdom and inspiration. She appeals to me to always learning something new and the inspiration to want to. 

  • I would love to see the Norse goddess Sigyn. She's the goddess of loyalty, faithfulness, and compassion (She's can many things to many people). 

  • Hestia! Goddess of home, the hearth, hospitality, and family. Also, cooking and anything domestic - our cottagecore queen! She was also goddess of architecture and the state and was always given the first offering. Her kind and warm nature instilled a feeling of serenity and in others and made everyone feel welcome - something I know I aspire to do as well! 

  • @Awe I own over 40 pieces from Awe and wear them all! I love love love Awe Inspired! Please please please add more Norse Gods/Goddesses and the Helm of Awe Norse symbol in a ring and pendant! Love you always! 

  • Also Akhilandeshvari the never not broken goddess, she derives her power from being broken, often depicted as though made of shards of glass.

  • As others have stated, I would love to see the fates or the muses. Also Eos, goddess of the dawn would be beautiful!

  • I would love to see some more real life goddesses from history (and present time!). Warrior Queen Boudicca, Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Shelley, Lucille Ball, and Dolly Parton. 

  • I'd love to see Atabey, the Taino mother of the earth! 🌎 🐸 

  • I would like to see Demeter as one of the new Godesses. Goddess of the harvest, agriculture, fertility, and sacred law. Known as Godess of the grain. She is also a member of the twelve Olympians. 

  • I would love to see Mary Magdalene -who was educated alongside Jesus as per the Essenes tradition.  She was blasphemed wronguflly by the Catholic Church and should be revered as the font of wisdom and love she truly was.

  • Calliope, the muse who presided over eloquence and poetry. Called the "Chief of all muses" 

  • I'd love to see either Julie d'Aubigny (the French, opera-singing, sword-fighting bisexual icon who broke all the rules), or Virginia Woolf!

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