How to Layer Goddesses

How to Layer Goddesses

When it comes to choosing which Goddess to put on to start your day, why limit yourself to just one? We all know some days demand that extra strength, and having multiple Goddesses by your side will help you rise above and conquer anything that comes your way. Time to assemble the troops! With timeless designs and an array of empowering attributes, layering Goddesses is a stylish way to channel all the best qualities that define our heroic icons all while looking chic and effortless.

If this “two heads are better than one” idea speaks to you, here are three expert styling tips on how to make it happen in a way that is uniquely you:

Layer a mini and a standard size goddess coin for a classic tiered look

Wearing a 15mm at a shorter jump ring (16”-18”) and a 20mm at a longer length (18” at the standard length or opt for our XL chain at 20-22”) will give you that effortless and unforgettable look. Fan favorites include Athena + Artemis, Persephone + Medusa, and RBG + Harriet.

 Wear two pendants of the same size to pay tribute to your inner and outer self

Give a shout out to who you are but also a nod to who you want to become. Are you nurturing like Florence but want to channel Mulan to draw out that inner warrior? Opposites attracting has never looked so good! 

Mix up your look with different chains

For a punch of color and texture, swap out either of the above with one of our enamel chains. These elegant yet unique chains give more personality to your Goddess of choice and give an ode to each respective personality. Popular combinations include Cleopatra with Turquoise, Joan of Arc with Navy, and Persephone with White.

With an endless aisle of combinations, layering Goddesses has never been so easy. Everyday is a new day, and what you choose to adorn your neck with can tell that same story.

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