Your December Horoscope + Your Sign’s Perfect Set

Your December Horoscope + Your Sign’s Perfect Set

December is here and you know what that means? 

Unrealistic and extravagant gifting commercials? 

Earlier than normal body shaming ads encouraging you to start a new diet for 2023? 

Late night scrambling to move your family elf to somewhere exciting and creative? 

3AM panic dreams about the company holiday party? 

Well, all of those things unfortunately, but also your last horoscope of the year and we promise this is a good one. And because we’re in a gifting mood and feeling a little treat-yourself festive, we’ve paired each sign with their perfect set curated to bring forth all that lovely energy your sign contributes to the universe. (You’re welcome!) And it’s not just for your sun sign — we went a bit deeper to ensure that the set you create is custom for your sun, moon and rising signs. Be sure to add in your zodiac sign as a subtle nod to the night sky on the day you were born. 

Aries Sun: Athena 

Aries Moon: Demeter

Aries Rising: Orange Aura

Your ambition and bold moves are paying off lately which is giving you even more reassurance that you’re on the right path. What is equally important this month is carving out quiet time for yourself. Indulge in some self-love and take pride in what you’ve accomplished. 

Taurus Sun: Bastet 

Taurus Moon: Ala

Taurus Rising: Ankh of Isis


Old wounds can be hardest to heal but some of the oldest wounds that need healing will create the growth that you’ve been seeking. Allow yourself space to journal your thoughts and feelings and put to paper what you want to manifest for the new year even if it’s into the unknown. 

Gemini Sun: Aphrodite

Gemini Moon: Rhiannon

Gemini Rising: Lunula

Step into the limelight this month and enjoy every moment of it. Host the party you’ve hesitated throwing and fully immerse yourself in holiday festivities. You are the light that many have been missing and you yourself light up when you’re able to shine. 

Cancer Sun: Hecate

Cancer Moon: The Morrigan

Cancer Rising: Pentagram

Over the past few months you’ve been feeling so connected to yourself, the moon, nature, and sometimes feeling so connected to it all can also feel very heavy. That heaviness is powerful and creates change and challenges that will blaze the trail for you into the new year. 

Leo Sun: Hera

Leo Moon: Frigg

Leo Rising: Red Aura

Naturally a leader, you’re also ready to help shape those that look up to you and pass on some of that wisdom and talent you collect. This month, and looking into the new year, open yourself up to new adventures in how you lead and try to keep your mind open for changes. 

Virgo Sun: Iris

Virgo Moon: Lilith

Virgo Rising: Diamond Sword

This month is feeling like you’re all over the place. While normally you’re up for the challenge, you really should communicate your need for boundaries and demand some much-needed time for yourself when no one is demanding a thing from you. 

Libra Sun: Selene

Libra Moon: Brigid

Libra Rising: Poppy

It’s easy for you to go with the flow and you understand deeply the cycles of life that just seem to unfold before us, but if there are old upsets or pain that need to be brought to the surface, now is the time to unpack it. Lucky for you, your harmonious disposition provides a welcoming space for it. 

Scorpio Sun: Medusa

Scorpio Moon: Nyx

Scorpio Rising: Woman Power

Growth is very hard for even the strongest, but if you’re anything, it’s resilient. Honor the need to always hold that inner power you possess in a place where you can find it easily when things feel overwhelming. Embrace your gifts and do not bend into shapes you were never meant to conform to. 

Sagittarius Sun: Artemis 

Sagittarius Moon: Amphitrite

Sagittarius Rising: Watchful Moon Eye

When is adventure not calling you? Maybe this time though the adventure is within your innermost world and self. What has been holding you back and making you feel like you need extra protection? Listen to that voice in your head more than ever when things do not feel right. 

Capricorn Sun: Hathor

Capricorn Moon: Pachamama

Capricorn Rising: Crystal Quartz


Transformation has been happening inside of you whether you feel it or not and that earth element takes a strong hold of you while you’re awakening facets of yourself that either have not yet been explored or that have been ignored for too long. Stand your ground, assert yourself, but also allow yourself to experience what is being given to you. 

Aquarius Sun: Gaia

Aquarius Moon: Freya

Aquarius Rising: Indigo Aura

You give and give and sometimes you allow yourself to be taken. It’s time to take back any wasted energy and invest it into places that bring you joy, pleasure and abundance. Tap into that intuition that you often bury and allow yourself to take up space in a way that feels right to you. 

Pisces Sun: Circe

Pisces Moon: Yemaya

Pisces Rising: Moonstone 

Are you torn between retreating to your own island of solitude and a safe place where you can nurture those you love the most? Maybe there is a place for both of those pulls with some much-needed balance. See what you can let go of and what makes sense to take on. Open yourself up to mental clarity that comes when you’ve achieved it.

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