Goddess BFFs we’d love to see (and know)

Goddess BFFs we’d love to see (and know)

If we’re lucky, we live a lifetime collecting really good, meaningful female friendships. The kinds that feel natural and soulful. The ones that, even if they do not last a lifetime, you can look back on with fondness and joy. Those friends really knew you… or they knew that version of you depending on where you were in your life. These friendships feel sacred because of the version you gave them and the experiences you both lived through.

As we approach the unofficial holiday of female friendship, Galentine’s Day, we cannot help but think about the friends we’ve collected over the years and how perfect they are or were for us, which then gets us thinking about our favorite Goddesses. If we could play “Friendship Matchmaker” (is that a thing??), these are the Goddesses we think would make the ultimate friendship duos. 

Artemis + Joan of Arc—A match made in heroine heaven if we say so ourselves. Independent huntress Artemis who was Huntsman-in-chief to the Gods and known protector of youth would of course be besties with fierce and fearless military leader Joan of Arc. Between trading battle stories and teaching each other how to use the other’s weapon of choice, we think the connection is perfect.  

Lilith + Medusa—We love the vengeful, sexy and mysterious energy that comes with these two infamous women. Lilith and Medusa both have been misunderstood and mythologized throughout history by men and both challenge the misogynistic fears of female liberty and sexuality. We envision them both living their lives out loud and unapologetically, smashing the norms associated with sex and the female body. 

Mother Mary + Quan Yin—Both women were known for being humble, merciful, devoted and holy in the religions that follow and hold them sacred. It is believed by Christians that Mary is the patroness of everything good and was chosen to be the mother of the son of God, while Quan Yin was often referred to as, The Divine Mother and reached Nirvana according to Buddhists, then sacrificed her own happiness to help others find theirs. We imagine both deities conversing and relating to the sacrifice of mothers and their love and compassion for humanity. 

Athena + Ruth Bader Ginsburg—What are some words that come to mind when thinking about Greek Goddess Athena and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg or as she is affectionately referred to as, RBG? We can think of a few. Wise, altruistic, notorious. While both baddies fought alongside legends and against forces for the greater good, today they are seen as pillars of strength, feminist icons. We have a suspicion too that if they both took the Goddess Quiz, that they might get each other as a result. 

The Mermaid + The Moon—Ok, here us out… mermaids, the Goddesses of the sea, symbolize independence, individuality and the sacred feminine. Because of their essential connection to water, they embody the revitalization that water brings. Water is vital for life, and water is used in many cultures to symbolize both birth and rebirth. The moon is said to harness female energy and scientifically we know that it’s gravitational pull generates the tidal force. Both are mysterious and alluring and we imagine that on clear nights when the moon is in her full glory, that mermaids come to the ocean’s surface to bask and recharge in it’s intoxicating glow. So best friends or lovers, you tell us. 

Boudicca + Mulan—Warrior women unite! Boudicca was trained as a warrior skilled in weaponry and prepared to lead a massacre against the enemy of her people while Mulan disguised herself as a male soldier to take her ailing father’s place in the national army and outperformed her male counterparts in all forms of battle. Boudicca is revered in England for her struggle for justice and independence and Mulan is revered as one of China's most valiant heroines. Can you picture both women swapping war stories and reliving their days as celebrated figures in their countries? We can and we’d love to be there to hear those stories. 

Oshun + Pachamama—Strong mama vibes come to mind when we think of Oshun who is worshiped in the Yoruba religion as the Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility and Pachamama (whose name translates to “Mother Earth”) and is the Andean fertility Goddess. Both Goddesses are said to help replenish the lands and bring life to them and both are benevolent and represent the beauty of this planet. We’d like to think that they’d have an instant soul connection and could spend hours conversing about humanity and the state of the world. 


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