Manifestations: September’s Stunning Harvest Moon + Your Sign

Manifestations: September’s Stunning Harvest Moon + Your Sign

Look up into the night sky this week, the September Harvest Moon is arriving. Strikingly bold, the Harvest Moon is said by many astrologers to offer opportunities for a fresh start and perspective. Its closeness to the autumnal equinox is symbolic of new beginnings and perhaps a portal to a deeper spiritual awareness. This full moon falls in Pisces so feeling that intuitive energy will be in full strength, and our advice — embrace it and find ways to work with it. You may feel even more perceptive during this full moon, and it’s normal to feel a bit of anxiety when you’re feeling things at a much stronger level, but Goddess, you’ve got this. 

How can you make the most of September's Harvest Moon? Try your best to relax, find ways to keep your mind at peace, enjoy the end of the summer transition into autumn magic, do a little end of a season cleaning/purging and create a meaningful ritual to welcome in the full moon. 

We put together a little gift guide to celebrate the bewitchment of this full moon and how each zodiac sign can work with its energy. 

Aries: Not that you need help in this area but a full moon is a great time to be honest with yourself and those around. This may mean facing some hard truths you’ve been avoiding. Add the Blue Topaz Ear Cuff to your daily rotation, especially under a full moon as blue topaz is said to have clarifying energy helping the wearer to embrace their authentic self. 

Taurus: Earth signs have a natural instinct to nature and you, Taurus, can sometimes be guilty of taking care of others’ needs before your own. Normally we’d say to put yourself first, but in this harvest moon, the help you give will come back to you in a very meaningful way. Cheer your community on and lend support where you can, like The Morrigan who encouraged warriors to be victorious with The Morrigan Cuff Bracelet

Gemini: Now is your time to lead, Gemini! While you’re not always pegged as a natural born leader, you have qualities that create a positive and working environment. Plus, you are able to understand the needs of others while knowing what needs to be done. The Freedom of Flight Set is the perfect statement piece to embolden you to soar and fly beyond any barriers you’ve put up. 

Cancer: While it’s in your true nature to be a homebody, the summer has shed some light on the fact that a change of scenery is needed more than ever. It’s time to plan an end of the summer adventure, maybe even find a place to moon-gaze with a group of friends or loved ones. And because your ruler is the moon, may we suggest the Wicked and Lovely Necklace Set, which features our limited edition Hecate, who is often evoked during lunar rituals to summon physical and psychological change.

Leo: Less is sometimes more, even for you, Leo, and a full moon that ends a season is an optimal time for you to slow it down, reset, recharge and look at the boundaries you have set for yourself. Do any of them need a tune up? Our Mini Hel Necklace will become a staple around your neck as the Norse Goddess is incredibly strong, a true leader, and able to do things on her own without help. Independent and dynamic, she is a reminder of who you are and who you’ll always be. 

Virgo: This full moon falls in your birthday season, which means it’s time to celebrate you and your accomplishments, and your loved ones are eager to join in this celebration. You naturally gravitate towards autumn's splendor, so enjoy this end of summer full moon with a salute to the Moon Goddess herself, Selene and our Special Edition Selene Necklace. 

Libra: You have had some major projects, ideas and plans brewing and now, under this Harvest full moon, is the right time to put them into action. You’re so very much more capable than you often give yourself credit for and those around you know it. Channel that with our Greater Than the Sum of Your Parts Necklace, which combines the iconic Women Power symbol with the force of the Chimera. 

Scorpio: Your creativity is flowing, probably because autumn is your season. You love the changing of the leaves and the shifts in cosmic energy. During this full moon, take advantage of the celestial power and put your creativity into good use. The Shooting Star Crawler earrings will remind you that your dreams and desires are within reach, thanks to your sharp mind and creativity. 

Sagittarius: Have you been feeling a bit tied down as of late? Nothing like a full moon to shed light on what exactly has been tying you down. If you’re hoping to make some changes, the illumination of a full moon can help put things into perspective for you and help you recognize what areas you can improve. The Dancing in the Moonlight Necklace will not only channel Hecate but the moon amulets give you the extra light you need. 

Capricorn: Work, work, work is always on your mind but it’s time to slow it down. Work will always be there and your co-workers and leadership team see the value in you always, but using your saved up PTO time is crucial to your mental and emotional health. Our Mini Frigg Necklace is the perfect piece for you as the Norse Goddess symbolizes wisdom and maternal energy. She also can inspire you to be vocal about what you need. (A break.)

Aquarius: If you have not already adopted or started a full moon ritual, now is the time. As the last air sign of the zodiac, you can sometimes feel unstable during a full moon, almost like you’re untethered, so a ritual would help center whatever anxieties or instability you’re experiencing. The Celestial Evil Eye ring is a symbol of protection in many cultures, so wear it to harness that security and power. 

Pisces: With this full moon in Pisces you may be feeling a sense of longing for intimacy, either romantically or even platonic intimacy. This may mean setting up a couples evening away, jumping into the dating pool or taking a much needed girls’ trip. Either way, soak it (and the full moon) up and enjoy the burst of affection you’re feeling. Take your Rhythm of the Sea Necklace which features the Greek Goddess of love, the delicate moon wave and energy cleansing lapis. 

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