Manifestations: Take what you need for 2023

Manifestations: Take what you need for 2023

Are you listening to your heart?

As the year winds down, it can be helpful to reflect on the joys and disappointments of the past year. Whether it was a great year, a not-so-great year, or somewhere in between, a bit of reflection can let you know what you need to add to your emotional support toolbox to make 2023 the best year ever.

This calls for listening closely to your heart. It will help you discover what your heart (and soul) needs, craves, or finds lacking. Whether it’s balance, magic, bravery, or wisdom, there’s the perfect Awe piece to help you fill in those cracks, strengthen your resolve, and get you headed into the new year with more confidence and enthusiasm. Don’t hesitate, take what you need now.

Hecate Signet Ring (for Magic) - The Goddess of magic will help fill your life with more miracles, both big and small.

Celestial Evil Eye Ring (for Protection) - Give yourself protection all year long with this powerful ring that combines the evil eye symbol with lunar energy.

Red Ruby Aura Ring (for Grounding) - Open your root chakra (the foundational chakra) with this aura ring that fires up all of your senses.

Joan of Arc Cuff (for Fight) - Be inspired to become more assertive and to go after what you want with Joan by your side.

Reclaiming the Pentagram Amulet (for Balance) - Find balance with both the natural world and the spiritual world with this powerful piece.

Woman Power Amulet (for Sisterhood) - Allow this amulet to help you feel more connected to global sisterhood and the issues faced by women everywhere.

Triple Moon Amulet (for Feminine Energy) - The Triple Moon enhances feminine energy and helps you appreciate the strong femininity within you.

Athena Goddess Pendant (for Wisdom) - Tap into your inner wisdom and years of experience to help you navigate life with Athena guiding you.

Special Edition Persephone Pendant (for Rebirth) - Persephone is the Goddess that will help you enter a new phase of your life with courage.

The Morrigan Goddess Pendant (for Bravery) - The Morrigan encourages you to step into the unknown without hesitation and to step out of your comfort zone.
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