Style Guide: Stack it like it’s hot

Style Guide: Stack it like it’s hot

Remember when we were obsessed with everything minimalism and then we lived through a pandemic (that’s still happening right?) and a capital storming, murder hornets, tie-dye athleisure, our reproductive rights in a constant state of jeopardy, the west side of the country being on fire, a toilet paper storage, etc? Honestly the list goes on and on, and it’s just depressing to think about it all. However, somewhere along the way we also decided that while minimalism is still cool, maximalism is where it’s at. Why waste one day only doing the minimum? What better time than now to layer all your favorite bracelets on your wrist and express your sartorial style through vivid and bold pairings?

And if your vibe is still minimalism, we’re totally on board with that too. It’s likely that just like you, we’re pairing a dainty bracelet, small hoops, and our favorite mini Goddess one day and stacking to our heart’s content the next. You do you. 

But alas, there is actually a secret to stacking jewelry successfully. It’s all about finding that perfect balance between size, texture, and style. It has to feel effortless and chic all while being unique to your own aesthetic. And because we all know more is more, you should always go big and make a statement. 

We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite stacking combos so you, too, can achieve this ultimate cool-girl look that’s perfect for the high-summer season. 


Power Stack: 

The Medusa Cuff + Double Wrap Enamel Bracelet + “I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR” Affirmation Bracelet to honor our power and remember that we actually do not have to take anyone’s sh*t. 

Go for the Gold:
The Norse Cuff + Chunky Enamel Bracelet + Braided Herringbone Bracelet to channel that luxe energy, ​​and because gold has also been used to open and activate the third-eye and crown chakras. 

Embrace the Extra: 

Gold Paperclip Chain Bracelet + Chunky Enamel Bracelet in blue + Diamond Cuff Bracelet because this incredibly chic layer screams style and everyone’s eyes will be on you. 

Floral Fixation: 

Poppy Bracelet + Rose Cuff + Double Wrap Enamel Bracelet in red because while flowers are beautiful in a vase, they look better on your wrist. Plus, roses are the ultimate symbols of beauty and devotion, while poppies symbolize hope and imagination, which will keep you inspired all day. 

Fight On: 

The Athena Cuff + The Joan of Arc Cuff + “I CAN & I  WILL” Affirmation Bracelet to remind you of your resilience, strength, and loyalty. 


Effortlessly Chic: 

The Perfect Bracelet Layering Set because— you're welcome. We did the work for you and created a set of our best selling layering bracelets that pair well with any look. Glow in gold or shine in silver for a set you’ll never want to take off. Add our Greek Goddesses Bracelet featuring our most popular Goddesses when you’re looking to harness that divine Goddess spirit.
As always, we’d love for more customers to enjoy our stunning pieces. We offer a bracelet extender that fits onto almost every bracelet (just not the cuffs).

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