An Awe Inspired Bastet Tablet pendant with an image of an Egyptian pharaoh.
An Awe Inspired Bastet Tablet pendant with an image of an Egyptian pharaoh.

Bastet Tablet

Bastet, an Egyptian Goddess depicted with the head of a cat, watches over you with ardent loyalty and affection. Read more
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About the Product

Bastet, often depicted as a woman with the head of a cat, is considered the great protectress in Egyptian mythology.



  • Metal: 14k Yellow Gold Vermeil
  • Pendant Dimensions: 27.25 mm L x 3.25 mm W x 14.5 mm D
  • Finishing Details: Dynamic bale
  • Precious Metals: Awe only uses 925 Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Vermeil, a thick layer of 14k Yellow Gold bonded to 925 Sterling Silver.


We want your jewelry to continue to inspire Awe for years to come. Clean your pieces regularly with the Awe anti-tarnishing polishing cloth included in your order. Do not use cleansing agents and minimize exposure to saltwater and chemicals.

We proudly offer a 2-year warranty from date of purchase, and will happily repair or replace your piece if any damage occurs to the material or workmanship.

About the Goddess

The Egyptian Goddess of protection, pleasure, and the bringer of good health, Bastet was often also depicted as a woman with the head of a cat. As a great protectress, she looked after the sick, guarded households, and watched over cats. Bastet’s energy is one of benevolence, safety and security, and kindness. If this resonates with you, you should choose her as your patron Goddess.

Discover your inner goddess and awaken the magic within—find your goddess today.

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