Aweffice: How the Awe Team Aligns with their Inner and Outer Goddesses

Aweffice: How the Awe Team Aligns with their Inner and Outer Goddesses

If you haven’t noticed, we’re very big into celebrating, talking, writing, sharing and channeling Goddess energy and while over 4 million women have discovered their inner and outer Goddesses by taking our intuitive Goddess Quiz, admittedly, our team likely makes up a quarter of those quiz takers. Who doesn’t love a good quiz? 

What makes the quiz so popular? When you have taken your Goddess Quiz, you’ll be able to unearth which Goddesses you align with the most — which inner and outer Goddesses. What is the difference between your inner and outer Goddesses? Our daily lives can always be a battle between our internal desires and external actions, so it’s only natural that we align with two Goddesses, and it’s not uncommon that the Goddesses are either very different from each other or very similar. 

Typically, our outer Goddess is who we present to the world, often the persona we embody when we’re with others and not necessarily our most inner true selves. Our inner Goddess represents our core…thoughts, feelings, emotions, everything internal that we may not share with the world. We embrace our outer Goddess when we’re outside of our comfort zone, faced with external conflict and in need of connection to our community. We embrace our inner Goddess when we’re met with internal conflict, need to reset our mood or when we need to check in with ourselves. 

One of the questions we like to ask new team members is who their inner and outer Goddesses are, as sometimes it helps us get to know them better and in a deeper, more meaningful way so that we can collaborate, understand and work together with ease and compassion. 

Today we’re sharing with our community a few of our Awe team’s inner and outer Goddesses and how their personalities align with them. 

Shelby, Sr. Director of Ecommerce

Inner: Selene

Outer: Artemis

Artemis is definitely a fit for my outer goddess with my love of the outdoors and critters. I’m always the first to point out animal sightings when I’m on a hike. I wear her and Pachamama to remind me to take care of this beautiful planet we live on. Selene really speaks to my loving and romantic side. I’m also able to channel my inner Selene to sleep pretty much anywhere at any time. 

Rita, VP of Marketing

Inner: Athena

Outer: Lilith

My inner Goddess of Athena made sense to me right away, a lot of my personality is working towards the ideal of a Woman Warrior, trying to embody strength and leadership vision. My outer Goddess took me more time to relate to but now I love that Lilith was the first femminist and fearlessly independent. 


Lanae, Social Media Intern 

Inner: Medusa

Outer: Nefertiti

I am a virgo down to my core! I think Medusa is so spot on for me because I am determined, and always down for a confrontation if someone wrongs me or my loved ones. I honor my femininity like Nefertiti and always advocate for women and the beauty we hold!  

Margarita, Copywriter

Inner: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Outer: Persephone

I’ve always had a strong sense of justice. Even as a child, I felt very passionate that all the unfairness in the world needed to be set right. That’s why it makes total sense that RBG is my inner Goddess. She literally devoted her whole life to the fight for justice. As far as Persephone goes…Halloween IS my favorite holiday and my mom IS my BFF, just like the quiz results say. 

Max, CEO

Inner: Pachamama

Outer: Cleopatra

Ugh I am such a Taurus! I’m a major Earth sign; I find ultimate comfort outdoors in the middle of nature, and I am always trying to make my home feel more peaceful. I feel a deep spiritual connection to the earth and to living things; I have a big heart that can sometimes cloud my judgment and lead me to impulsive actions. Externally I think people view me as powerful, domineering, and witty a la Cleopatra, whereas on the inside I feel more nurturing and creative like Pachamama. 


Nicole, Director of Social Media 

Inner: Hecate

Outer: Aphrodite

My inner and outer Goddesses seem so opposite of each other, but I think that speaks to how dynamic we are as women — plus, I am a textbook Gemini. Hecate feels like who I am at the core… I take no sh*t, I’m tougher than people assume, I have a bit of a darker side and I wear her when I want to feel stronger. (I also love being in charge!) But I wear my Aphrodite bracelet almost 24/7 because I never go a moment without feeling a sense of love for all of those around me and I want people I surround myself with to feel that adoration. 

Olivia, Social Media Intern

Inner: Medusa

Outer: Persephone

I relate to Persephone so much, especially her optimism and ability to make the best out of any situation. I absolutely am Medusa inside, though, and find inspiration and strength in this duality. I am thoughtful and reasonable, but if someone wrongs me, they’re going to get the stone gaze. 

Donna, Director of Retention

Inner: Persephone

Outer: Selene

I’m aligned with Persephone in the sense that I do have a love-hate relationship with pomegranates. They’re delicious, but messy to eat. I also love Spring and her optimism. I relate to Selene as well because of her peacefulness and loyalty, which are similar traits of a Libra. I enjoy having a well-balanced lifestyle.  

How you wear your Goddesses is up to you, but we like to wear ours together to remind us of our individuality, strength and limitless power. We often pair our Goddesses with an amulet that reminds us of our Goddesses on either one of our Amulet Collector Links or layered with one of our Auras using our best selling Three Necklace Layering Tool

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