Black History Month: Awe’s favorite Black-owned brands you need to know

Black History Month: Awe’s favorite Black-owned brands you need to know

Black History Month is an important time to honor and celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black people past, present, and future. The significant, groundbreaking, and extraordinary ways that Black people have shaped, and continue to shape, the nation cannot be overstated. 

With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with some of our favorite Black-owned brands to bring them onto your radar (if they aren’t there already) and to introduce you to founders who are elevating and revolutionizing industries like beauty and fashion. Supporting them during Black History Month and beyond helps to promote innovation and better products for all of us.

High-performing skincare products, beautiful, sustainable clothing, gorgeously-scented candles – there are so many incredible creations to choose from. When you give your support to these and other Black-owned businesses, you also help amplify Black creators, celebrate diversity, and uplift communities. Remember, shopping these brands is something you can do all year long.

Explore some of our favorite Black-owned brands and discover your next must-have:

Relevant Skin - This inclusive skincare brand founded by beauty entrepreneur Nyakio Grieco features high-performing, science-led products that address skin concerns relevant to all, from fair to deep skin tones. Clean, cruelty-free, and vegan.


The Established - Founded by Essence Iman and made for the minimalist beauty enthusiast, The Established offers multifunctional essentials for skin needs ranging from eczema to KP. Cruelty-free, 100% vegan, ethically sourced and handmade in small batches.



Bright Black - This family-founded business fuses gorgeous light and intoxicating scent to create candles that transcend. Their Yemanja candle was inspired by the Mother Ocean Goddess herself.

Ooshie - Founded by Melissia Hill, Ooshie’s aesthetic is all about original hand-designed prints, vibrant colors, and clean elegant lines to be worn by women from all walks of life. Melissia's goal is to remind women of their magic and greatness.


LIHA Beauty - Beloved by stars like FKA Twigs, LIHA Beauty creates natural vegan skincare and wellness products that blend the rich botanical life of West Africa with traditional English aromatherapy and folk remedies.

Marie Hunter Beauty - Founded by KéNisha Ruff and designed for the Modern Muse, Marie Hunter Beauty is a cruelty-free and mostly vegan luxury beauty and lifestyle brand developed to boldly empower (wo)men with beauty, confidence, and class. 

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