Collection Launch: Goddess Fortuna, the Moon Rabbit, and the Wishbone

Collection Launch: Goddess Fortuna, the Moon Rabbit, and the Wishbone

The New Year New Luck Collection is here to bring you all the positive energy and good fortune you can handle for 2023. New beginnings bring new opportunities, the potential for new blessings, and the chance to discover something new about yourself. The New Year, New Luck Collection features a new Goddess and new amulets to help make this next chapter of your life better than previous ones and to remind you to be bold. Start the year off right with this gifting of positive intentions.


Goddess Fortuna Necklace

This Fortuna Goddess Pendant Necklace will bring you good luck and glorious prosperity.

The intricate details of the Fortuna Goddess Pendant reveal the Goddess before the wheel of time with a man atop the wheel to symbolize how Fortuna “weaves the fortunes of men.” She is also pictured holding a cornucopia, the “horn of plenty,” to signify abundance and prosperity. Above her is the Latin inscription: “Fortune Favors The Bold.” Make her your Goddess so that you will always step boldly into the unknown to claim your destiny.

Moon Rabbit Amulet

This pendant necklace depicting a hopping rabbit below a moonlit sky honors the Lunar New Year and the lucky Year of the Rabbit.

In Chinese culture, the rabbit is believed to be the luckiest of all 12 animals that make up the Chinese zodiac. Rabbits symbolize longevity, peace, and prosperity in Chinese culture, and 2023 has already been predicted to be a year of hope. When you wear this beautiful piece featuring a moon and hopping rabbit design, you accept hope, peace, and abundance into your life.

Wishbone Amulet

This gold vermeil Wishbone Necklace is a delicate piece made to bestow luck on you and your loved ones.

Anytime a wishbone breaks evenly (a very rare occurrence) it represents equal luck to both people. This piece features a black enamel “crack” in the very center to symbolize good luck distributed evenly among people, making it a great piece to give to yourself or a loved one.

We hope you enjoy this lucky collection! Don’t wait any longer to grab all the good luck you deserve.

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