Dive into a world of wonder: Our new Oceans Collection is here

Dive into a world of wonder: Our new Oceans Collection is here

Perhaps nothing in nature is as mysterious and as fascinating as the ocean. It’s deep, mostly unexplored, completely out of our control, and creates wonder that has sparked imagination and curiosity for millennia. Unseen to the naked human eye, what lies beneath has been the subject of great myths, legends, and folklore. Its haunting beauty has captured in many of us a sense of wanderlust. It’s called us. It feels like we’re a part of it. If you’re someone who feels this calling, you also may feel a sense of belonging. You crave the salty air and you know that getting your vitamin sea is as crucial to your spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness, as any other vitamin. 

Symbolically, the ocean has represented the subconsciousness, emotions, dreams, and fantasies. It can mean the unfathomable or chaos but can also mean stability, consistency, calm, and power. The oceans have always held significance, too, religiously. 

The Bible often associates the ocean with birth fertility and how endless the ocean and life is. Some Hindus believe that the ocean symbolizes immortality. In Buddhism, water is the particular element which in nature carries everything together. 

We created our Oceans Collection to honor the complexity, mystery, depth, and grandeur of the sea. Within the collection are two highly coveted Goddesses, Amphitrite and Yemaya, plus pieces inspired by the magic of the ocean, featuring genuine gemstones like moonstone, pearls, turquoise, and deep blue stones including lapis lazuli. 


Amphitrite, Greek Goddess of the sea, wife of the God Poseidon, and one of the 50 daughters of Nereus and Doris (the daughter of Oceanus), she was most known for her natural powers and abilities like immortality, omnipresence, strength, metamorphosis, and teleportation. As a Goddess of the sea, she represented and had authority over the many creatures of the ocean as well as the mysterious ocean itself. During his courtship, Poseidon had a difficult time finding Amphitrite and convincing her to marry him, as she expertly evaded capture and was “slippery” as a fish. Amphitrite is your Goddess if you have always felt a strong connection to the sea, if you thrive at the beach, and if you always feel energetic and rejuvenated after time spent by the ocean. The Amphitrite Necklace in gold vermeil or sterling silver will signal your independence, self-sufficiency, and leadership qualities to the world.

Yemaya, is the Yoruba orisha of motherhood and the sea. Often represented as a mermaid, she is seen as the great mother of us all and represents Mother Earth. Giver of life, the patron of women, she is associated with the moon and its divine connection to women. She is fiercely protective of women and children, taking on a motherly role and presiding over child safety, love, and healing. Like water, she can be calm, but extremely turbulent and destructive when angered (which does not happen often). Yemaya represents all who are cool under pressure, with a deep inner strength that is sometimes underestimated. You have enough strength and power to take on any obstacle - you just have to unleash it. The Yemaya Necklace in gold vermeil or sterling silver will highlight the protective, nurturing, and tenacious qualities of your soul.

The Moonstone Wire Earrings, are genuine moonstone cabochon earrings, featuring a white topaz dangling beneath the moonstone. Moonstones symbolize inner clarity, intuition, change, and a connection to feminine energy. It is a symbol of light and hope and also encourages us to embrace new beginnings while the white topaz is a stone of awareness, empowering you to bring out your individuality. The stone's energy is also known as the stone of manifestation.



The Lapis Lazuli Amulet Necklace invokes the majesty and serene beauty of the ocean with the Lapis Ocean Amulet, adorned with a white topaz dangling beneath a genuine lapis lazuli cabochon. Lapis gemstones have long been associated with strength, wisdom, and intellect.

Ancient Greeks thought that opals could give people the gift of prophecy and protected them from various diseases, but in modern day, they are believed to spark creativity. The exquisite Opal Drop Necklace features three genuine round, square, and pear-shaped opal cabochons. Renowned for their beauty and shimmering “play of colors,” opals are among the most unique gemstones on the planet.

The Ocean Dangle Necklace  features a delicate paperclip style. With moonstone, turquoise, and lapis gemstones in addition to a white sapphire, freshwater pearl, and blue topaz, it evokes the many shades of blue that comprise the ocean.

This collection will look beautiful with each piece of our ocean-inspired amulets, and help the wearer connect with the majestic sea in ways that feel unique and meaningful.

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