Goddess Freya’s Fiery Necklace

Goddess Freya’s Fiery Necklace

You want to unearth Freya? She’s a Norse deity who taught magic to Odin and humankind. She’s depicted as dwelling in Asgard together with her husband Odr. Until he decides to disappear a.k.a. go to the store for beer and never come back. Read on for an awe inspired tale of real Goddess jewelry.

As the Goddess Freya wanders the land in search of her husband, her tears fall to the ground and turn gold, when she wanders the sea, the tears turn into amber. Hence amber stones are sometimes referred to as Freya’s tears.

Don’t cry for Freya, she was one of the most beautiful Goddesses in ancient history and is frequently shown wearing her prized necklace Brísingamen made of amber and gemstones encased in gold. How did she get her cherished gold necklace? Let’s just say she did some things. With a tribe of dwarves. To be fair, we’re talking circa 995 A.D.

When the Norse God of mischief Loki heard how hard Freya worked for the fiery gold necklace, he stole it from her. And while Freya never got her husband Odr back, she did get her Goddess necklace back. Feeling inspired? Get your own awe inspiring Freya pendant necklace and protect it at all costs.



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