Manifestations: July Buck Moon Illuminates the Need for Clarity

Manifestations: July Buck Moon Illuminates the Need for Clarity

We celebrate the full moons here at Awe Inspired (haven’t you noticed?) and we thoroughly enjoy exploring the symbolism behind each full moon and seeing how it can be applied to our everyday lives. Whether you believe in the symbolism or not, there is something very cathartic about taking a pause to look inward to our lives and take inventory of what needs a little refresh. A full moon can metaphorically illuminate the present while allowing us to welcome in the future and make peace with the past. How someone chooses to honor the lunar juncture is personal but we always hope to inspire our Goddess community to unearth ways to add more meaning to the universe's monthly offerings. One easy way to do this is to harness your divine feminine energy by wearing moon symbols like the Triple Moon Necklace

While we may be in the season of water sign Cancer, July’s full (super) moon is on the opposite end of the sign’s axis in earth sign Capricorn. ⁠Cancer represents emotion, sanctuary, comfort, caregiving and is ruled by the moon while Capricorn represents determination, order, hard work and motivation and is ruled by Saturn. Both signs coming together is powerful and balances a very internal and external space within us and both signs can channel their astrological energy with our Zodiac Collection. Our beautiful Cancer Necklace in the symbol of a crab Goddess and our stunning Capricorn Necklace with our mermaid-esque fish symbol. 


The July full moon is called the Buck Moon which was coined by the Old Farmer’s Almanac to honor the life cycle of male deer's antlers. Each year, they shed their antlers and they grow back even stronger and during July, they're in their full glory. The strength and resilience reminds us of the tenacity of Capricorns and when we think of Goddesses, we instantly think of Artemis. Brave, steadfast, encouraging and protective. She’s the Goddess of the moon and hunting—protector of young women, and women in childbirth. She’s also nurturing, compassionate, strong, independent and free spirited. She epitomizes both the Capricorn and Cancer almost effortlessly. 

We revere the celestial night by wearing our Artemis Necklace or our Artemis Stud Earrings. If you’re needing a little protection of your own, we suggest the Artemis + Antler Necklace Set as deer are gentle and perceptive beings, and their antlers symbolize deep awareness.

With every full moon, it illuminates what is missing, lacking or what needs to be replenished in our lives and in the spirit of Capricorn we also try to see what can be taken off our plate and check in on your emotions. If you’re needing some balance and clarity, we love the White Topaz Aura Ring to help get us there which aligns with the crown chakra or the Indigo Aura Necklace which aligns the sixth chakra, the third eye chakra, with a sapphire to bring mental clarity. Our Asymmetric Moonstone Earrings can also assist with mental clarity and intuition, which moonstones are known for. 

Like Artemis who had great power, the full moon reminds us of our own power and now is a good time to ask ourselves, is our power and strength being used to conquer the world or to benefit the world? ⁠ 

Want more Goddesses to channel the energy of the moon? We suggest Goddess of the moon, Selene and our Selene Necklace for enchantment or Goddess of the night, Nyx with our Nyx Necklace for her mystical powers. 

Do you have any full moon rituals?

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