Spiritual Wellness: Does your personality type match your inner Goddess?

Spiritual Wellness: Does your personality type match your inner Goddess?

Most are familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI, and it’s likely we’ve all taken the test online once or twice, then researched what it actually means and how it’s related to who we are at the core. While no personality test can actually determine who you are exactly – as we’re incredibly complex beings whose lives will be shaped through nurture and nature – it’s still an interesting way to get some insight into some traits we *may* have, all while learning more about ourselves in a deeper and more psychological way. 

The original MBTI was constructed by American mother and daughter Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers when Katherine became fascinated with learning and observing the different personality types of their family. Thus, she developed a theory of the four temperaments. Though neither of the women was formally educated in psychology, after reading Carl Jung’s book, Psychological Types, they realized that his theory was similar but went far beyond what they had developed. 

After extensively studying Jung’s work, the duo extended their interest in human behavior into efforts to turn their theory of psychological types to practical use. During WW2, they believed that their personality test would help women entering the workforce for the first time identify the appropriate war-time jobs for them. Their work attracted the head of Educational Testing Service, and, in 1962, the first MBTI manual was published. With support from some notable psychologists and professors, the publication of the MBTI was transferred to Consulting Psychologists Press in 1975, and the Center for Applications of Psychological Type was founded as a research laboratory.

The fascination of exploring our core and diving deeper into not only our psyche but our spirit is perhaps at an all-time high, what with our endless access to information and strong focus on mental health, spiritual wellness, and personal growth. We’re interested in working with our co-workers more collaboratively, we’re seeking deeper understanding in our relationships and community, and we’re learning how to break generational trauma. Personality tests like these go beyond surface level – they inspire us to be better, or at least a better version of ourselves. 

When developing our unique Goddess Quiz, we wanted to help women find strength within our Goddess Collection. We hoped to re-frame some of the traditional Goddess legends through the lens of the female gaze, as opposed to the hero's tale. We wanted women to feel something when researching and reading about the Goddesses in our collection while finding who they most align with. So we thought, which personalities would our Goddesses get if they took the MBTI?  

How do you match up? Does your inner or outer Goddess match up with your personality type? 

Type: ISTJ, The Inspector

Personality traits: serious, proper, logical, loyal, and formal

Goddess: Artemis 

Must-have piece: Antler Necklace

Type: INFJ, The Counselor

Personality traits: visionary, idealist, creative, diplomatic, intuitive

Goddess: Frigg

Must-have piece: Lunula Huggies

Type: INTJ, The Mastermind

Personality traits: analytical, planner, strategist, innovative

Goddess: Selene

Must-have piece: Crescent Moon Studs

Type: ENFJ, The Giver

Personality traits: imaginative, social, empathetic, supportive

Goddess: Aphrodite   

Must-have piece: Moonstone Amulet Necklace

Type: ISTP, The Craftsman

Personality traits: mysterious, rational, logical, spontaneous

Goddess: Medusa  

Must-have piece: Snake Studs 

Type: ESFJ, The Provider

Personality traits: spirited, likable, warm, structured

Goddess: Ala

Must-have piece: Tree of Life Necklace


Type: INFP, The Idealist

Personality traits: reserved, quiet, goal-oriented, imaginative

Goddess: Persephone

Must-have piece: Crystal Quartz Drop Earrings

Type: ESFP, The Performer

Personality traits: entertaining, friendly, artistic, free-spirited

Goddess: Freya

Must-have piece: Butterfly Ring

Type: ENFP, The Champion

Personality traits: individualistic, perceptive, thoughtful, expressive

Goddess: Isis

Must-have piece: Evil Eye Studs

Type: ESTP, The Doer

Personality traits: risk-taking, spontaneous, courageous, observant

Goddess: The Morrigan

Must-have piece: Diamond Sword Necklace

Type: ESTJ, The Supervisor

Personality traits: organized, practical, leader, detail-oriented

Goddess: Hera

Must-have piece: Garnet Studs

Type: ENTJ, The Commander

Personality traits: dominant, strategic, brave, respectful

Goddess: Athena

Must-have piece: Compass Ring

Type: INTP, The Thinker

Personality traits: creative. introspective, inspirational, independent

Goddess: Hecate

Must-have piece: Triple Moon Stud Earrings

Type: ISFJ, The Nurturer

Personality traits: generous, kind hearted, detail-oriented, nurturing

Goddess: Brigid

Must-have piece: The Daisy Ring

Type: ENTP, The Visionary

Personality traits: spontaneous, bold, rational, logical

Goddess: Circe

Must-have piece: Black Onyx Aura Ring

Type: ISFP, The Composer

Personality traits: explorer, independent, easygoing, friendly

Goddess: Rhiannon

Must-have piece: Clover Studs 

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