Collection Launch: Why do you need a personal affirmation?

Collection Launch: Why do you need a personal affirmation?

What’s in an affirmation? Power, energy, and manifestation.

As we’ve written before, affirmations are powerful tools to use against negativity, limiting beliefs, insecurities, uncertainty, and a general lack of belief. Even scientific studies have shown that positive affirmations can reduce stress and increase feelings of self worth. 

We created our bestselling Affirmations Collection to spread positivity and get people to believe in their abilities and their own personal power. You have to believe before you can manifest, and our Affirmations pieces are there to give you that extra boost when you’re being derailed by a limiting belief.

Our latest addition to the Affirmations Collection is the new design for the Say Yes to New Adventures pendant necklace, featuring those affirming, propelling words in a spiral and a genuine malachite gemstone to represent transformation and positive change. This is our first affirmation release for 2023, because we want to encourage you to step into this new year with confidence and determination, courage and excitement. Make this the year of saying yes to what you really want. Don’t let limiting beliefs and insecurities stop you from doing that thing you’ve been putting on the back burner again and again…and again.

The way we talk to ourselves, whether in our minds or out loud, matters. Regularly telling yourself positive things like “I can and I will reach my goals,” or “Everything I need to succeed is within me,” or “I am worthy of abundance,” can help you believe in yourself enough to set and accomplish goals, reach levels of success you’ve always wanted, and not be discouraged or stopped by setbacks.

If you need something tangible to remind you that you can truly do anything, let the Say Yes to New Adventures Necklace be your trusty talisman that will help you ascend to new heights.

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