Gift Guide: Gifting the Inner Warrior

Gift Guide: Gifting the Inner Warrior

We’ve all had different seasons of our lives where we felt powerless, or like when fighting felt futile, but when we mustered the courage to fight and head into our personal battles with bravery, passion and determination. We’re surely a force to be reckoned with. And what is it about that inner strength and fight that fuels us and sparks our adrenaline to a place where we feel invincible? Alternatively, what causes us to stop the fight and surrender to a seemingly more consuming force, and what can we do to remind ourselves of that warrior inside us all? 

We like to read about and channel a few of our Goddesses in times of challenge. Whether mythical or historical, the resilience of some of the Goddesses in our pantheon is not only inspiring, but comforting. They can offer a bit of solidarity and a sense of community when we’re faced with navigating something difficult. 

To spark a little fight in all of us, we’ve put together a gift guide for those of us who can proudly call themselves a warrior, for those that yearn for victory, for those that are persevering in life’s battles, and for those with ambition running through their veins. 

These are the gifts worthy of a champion, and as we enter into the holiday season at a speed that feels surreal, we’re making it easier to gift the Goddesses in your life… or to treat yourself with a token of tenacity. 

Athena is the Greek Goddess of heroic endeavor and heroes. What better way to remind yourself of your own vigor than with the Athena Signet Ring? Born in full body armor ready to meet her first challenge, Athena’s bravery will ignite your own. 

Like Athena, The Morrigan saw her share of battles. The Celtic Goddess of war, she is so much more than that. It is said that when The Morrigan is placed in a difficult situation, she will always rise with triumph and glory. She encourages all who are in the midst of a battle to be brave and to come out of it victorious. We love the idea of gifting someone deep in their own battle the Mini Morrigan Necklace

Some warriors do not fight in combat but make a contribution in countless other ways. Florence Nightingale was a trailblazer and modernized nursing after her experience in the Crimean War. Much of how we experience healthcare now had to do with her contributions and how she revolutionized the profession of nursing. If you or someone dear to you has spent hours on the front line, caring for patients and touching lives in the most literal sense, then the Mini Florence Nightingale Necklace is the perfect symbol of appreciation and remembrance. 

What makes a good warrior? It’s leadership and bravery. Harriet Tubman is, without a doubt, one of the most notable, respected and revered heroes of American history. Her selflessness and fortitude helped hundreds of enslaved people reach their freedom. She was also the first woman to ever lead an armed expedition in the Civil War to free Southern slaves and she was buried with military honors at the age of 93. With any purchase of the Harriet Tubman Collection, 100% of the proceeds are donated to the NAACP. 

Norse Goddess Frigg is the Goddess of motherhood and fertility and she is the Queen of all Norse deities. Her powers include being able to weave the destinies of those who call on her and she is also invoked during childbirth or by women who wish to be mothers themselves. Nobody understands the challenges mothers face on a daily basis and only fertility warriors can truly understand the battle that is infertility. Giving the Frigg Necklace to yourself or to a loved one experiencing either of these is a meaningful gesture of empathy and care. 

Of course we cannot talk about warriors without recognizing Joan of Arc. The Joan of Arc Necklace has been one of our best sellers since she was released and the Special Edition Joan of Arc Necklace is quickly becoming just as admired. When one wears Joan around her neck, she is reminded that women can do anything. There are simply no limits as to what our spirit can accomplish. 

To accompany these beautifully meaningful pieces, we’d pair the necklaces with the Diamond Sword Necklace as a talisman for gallantry, the Red Aura Necklace to connect with your root chakra to keep you ready for anything, or the Wing Necklace to remind us of our ability to soar and fly high. 

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