Gift Guide: Gifts for the Multi-Faceted, Ambitious Capricorns In Your Life

Gift Guide: Gifts for the Multi-Faceted, Ambitious Capricorns In Your Life

We often forget that the symbol for a Capricorn is a mythological hybrid creature, the sea-goat, or mer-goat, if you prefer. So, although Capricorn is an earth sign that symbolizes stability, it also contains a spiritual aspect that tends to be overlooked. This combination of the earthly and the spiritual gives Capricorns an edge that some other signs don’t have, and helps them find balance during times when others might feel off-kilter or lost. 

The items in this gift guide were carefully chosen to speak to both the practical and whimsical sides of a Capricorn, because both sides are valid and should be nurtured. In fact, Capricorns reach their full potential when they embrace all of their idiosyncrasies. 

To remind a Capricorn to embrace their multi-faceted personality, give them the Cosmic Yin Yang Amulet. This beautiful piece cradles harmonious energy and invites balance in every aspect of one’s life.

As a mer-goat, a Capricorn will probably feel a kinship with all types of mythological sea creatures, including the mermaid. This genuine Diamond Mermaid Amulet symbolizes individuality, independence, and the divine feminine – all strong aspects of a Cap’s personality.

Perhaps no other Goddess represents the connection between the earthly and spiritual quite like Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Capricorns should wear the Persephone Layering Set to enhance their own ability to bridge these two realms.

Another Goddess that speaks to a Capricorn’s soul is the wise and clever Athena. This Athena Goddess Cuff is bound to become a favorite. 

The cerebral Capricorn needs to keep their crown chakra balanced and open at all times. The Violet Amethyst Aura Ring will help accomplish this, as will the Violet Aura Necklace.

Give the Capricorn in your life these detailed and beautiful Poppy Earrings to help center their energy and drive away negativity. For even more flower power and positive energy, the expertly designed Bouquet Necklace is a must.

Capricorns are known for being ambitious, driven, and determined, which means that the I Can & I Will Affirmation Necklace is the perfect choice to help keep their eye on the prize. The Woman Power Ring is also a great piece for hyping up your favorite Cap and reminding them of their innate power.

Appeal to the practical side of any Capricorn with the Perfect Stacking Ring Set and the Perfect Bracelet Layering Set to take the guesswork out of styling. And don’t forget to get your Capricorn a zodiac amulet necklace, especially if they feel a strong connection to their sign. 

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