Discovering and Harnessing Your Feminine Archetype

Discovering and Harnessing Your Feminine Archetype

What does it mean to be feminine? How do you harness your feminine energy? The very definition of femininity is broad and how we connect with the divine feminine is completely personal and unique to everyone’s own human experience. Historically and through fairy tales, to be feminine equated to being demure, tender, passive, and motherly, and while these qualities and characteristics can all be  feminine, femininity itself is deeply layered and complex. 

Psychiatrist and Jungian analyst, Jean Shinoda Bolen, broke this down in her book, Goddesses in Everywoman. Using seven classic Greek goddesses to illuminate the complexities, essence, and patterns of femininity, and the ways it can be defined, the seven female archetypes offers a unique perspective and interesting insight into what makes us strong and how we can embody the Goddesses we strive to be, while understanding more of who we are or want to become. 

Do you see yourself in any of these archetypes? Take our Goddess Quiz to see who you may best relate to. 

The Mother

The mother is defined by her nurturing, loving, and caring nature. She is compassionate and seeks to protect, nourish, and give to those around her, sometimes at the cost of her own wellness. Goddesses that embody the “mother” archetype: Demeter, Gaia, Pachamama, Frigg

The Maiden

The maiden is a youthful, energetic, and playful soul. She is full of hope, excitement, and ambition. She is often perceived as innocent and naive, but it is her unwavering optimism that defines her. Goddesses that embody the “maiden” archetype: Persephone, Rhiannon, Freya, Selene.

The Queen

The queen is a natural born leader who evokes a strong sense of power, loyalty, and regality. She is determined, motivated, and capable of taking charge of a situation at a moment’s notice. Naturally, the queen is a social butterfly and often seen as the “leader” of her social circles. Goddesses that embody the “queen” archetype: Hera, Cleopatra, Quan Yin, Nefertiti.

The Huntress

The huntress is independent, brave, and courageous. She is focused on her goals and will do whatever it takes to reach them. She is the embodiment of the free, autonomous female spirit and her fierce energy radiates so that all those around her feel empowered. Goddesses that embody the “huntress” archetype: Artemis, Durga, The Morrigan, Boudicca.

The Sage

The sage represents the pursuit of knowledge, all while maintaining an objective and logical perspective. She is informed, practical, and it is her competitive nature that drives her forward into new pursuits. Goddesses that embody the “sage” archetype: Athena, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Florence Nightingale, Ala.

The Mystic

The mystic is known as a more introspective and private individual. She values her solitude and is focused on promoting her own inner peace. Her own self-awareness makes her extremely perceptive and gives her an old-soul quality. Goddesses that embody the “mystic” archetype: Circe, Nyx, Hel, Frida Kahlo

The Lover

The lover is a passionate, magnetic force to be reckoned with. She evokes confidence and hope through her relationships with others. Her distinctive hopefulness and creativity allows her to find the beauty in anything. Goddesses that embody the “lover” archetype: Aphrodite, Lilith, Oshun, Ix Chel.


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