Living in Awe this Holiday

Living in Awe this Holiday

When you gift a Goddess or piece of jewelry designed by our master crafters, you’re not just giving any accessory. You’re giving the power of inner strength, a sense of empowerment, a celebration of resilience and most importantly, the opportunity to live their life in Awe. 

The experience of giving Awe is equally as gratifying as receiving it. Giving a gift you know will hold a special place in their heart and encourage them to harness the power you see inside of them is a wonderful experience. 

Our jewelry serves as a reminder that legendary change in this world is possible, it allows you to cherish the memory of the person who gave it to you, and empowers you to live your life in Awe every day.

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A note from our founders:

Hi there, 

Our favorite time of year is upon us here at Awe Inspired. We founded Awe to be a brand that celebrates individuality, fosters connections, and gives back generously to the causes we champion. Tens of thousands of customers have gifted Awe jewelry to those who inspire them with resilience, strength, and divine qualities. We are delighted to share our timeless, modern heirlooms with everyone looking to honor the Goddesses in their life this holiday season. 

During this unprecedented time, we advise everyone considering Awe holiday gifts to shop earlier than planned. We've stocked up on all your favorite designs to ensure every order gets packaged, but we've been warned by our fulfillment partners that shipping delays will get quite bad as Christmas approaches. 

We can't wait to help you celebrate the ones you love with our empowering designs. Wishing you a happy, healthy, and peaceful season, from our family to yours. 

With love, 

Jill and Max Johnson 

Awe’s mother-son co-founders

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