The Goddesses who thrived in male-dominated careers

The Goddesses who thrived in male-dominated careers

These real-life Goddesses not only thrived in male-dominated career fields, they paved new ground for men and women in these roles. Women’s contributions to society have long been discounted by the patriarchy, but these women were so powerful and trailblazing that they simply could not be ignored.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Cleopatra, Marie Curie, Joan of Arc, Frida Kahlo, Mulan, Nefertiti, Catherine The Great – they broke ground in so many ways, succeeded and thrived despite opposition, and proved again and again that women can rule, create, fight, and counsel as well as men, if not even better.

Putting the spotlight on these women often is so important, because we believe their contributions should never be forgotten. It also helps other women feel empowered that they can do anything. Because they can.

Get to know these trailblazers better

Frida Kahlo - Painting and art has always been dominated by men, and it was mostly their works that got noticed, got recognition, and were upheld as the standard. Frida Kahlo showed the world that women are just as talented and creative as men, and the fact that women artists were not as recognized as men was truly a feature, not a bug, of the patriarchy. We honor her for staying true to herself.

Mulan - This famous warrior disguised herself as a man to join the Chinese army, and ended up outdoing many of her male counterparts. Her inner strength was formidable and impressive, and we honor her for being so brave.

Cleopatra - Cleopatra’s impact was so strong, she’s still held up as a legend so many centuries after her reign. We honor her for standing up to always make her voice heard.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - RBG is the ultimate proof that women have what it takes to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with men, and surpass them in many ways. We honor her for never giving up the fight for equal rights.

Joan of Arc - Leading an army to victory at 19 years old is more impressive than we can imagine. We honor Joan for having the strength of her convictions.

Marie Curie - The first person to win two Nobel Prizes for her work in chemistry and physics, Marie Curie was a pioneer in STEM before it was a thing. We honor her for her keen intelligence and hard work.

Nefertiti - This co-ruler of Egypt confirmed the regalness of women as well as their ability to rule with strength and competence. We honor her for owning her throne.

Catherine the Great - Another great female ruler, Catherine the Great was also known for her humanitarian work and making Russia one of the great powers of the world at the time. We honor her for having the foresight to benefit her people and country.

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