Meet Natalia: Runway Bionica

Meet Natalia: Runway Bionica

Meet Natalia: Runway Bionica


Natalia is one to watch. Not only is she stunning beyond words, but she is also a bone cancer survivor (her leg is literally bionic, but you wouldn’t know it the way she slays that runway!). She's a humanitarian, a fierce feminist, and a beautiful soul. We are in AWE of her rising star and are thrilled to have her wearing our Serenity Choker.


"You are truly beautiful and wonderfully made, not to be perfect but to be courageous. Stay brave, fearless, bold, and strong! That’s your #Power."

"Being different is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Free the scars, the curls, the imperfections, the most beautiful and untouched you."

"I am a woman. What is your superpower?"


Model. Activist. Ambassador. & Bionic Woman. || Osteosarcoma Bone Cancer Survivor || Child of God & SLP in the making || LA | NY


I had one question: Will I be able to walk the runway again? I was 12 years old and I had just been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma.

When I was still in a wheelchair, I brought my mom’s red stilettos to the hospital and showed them to my physical therapist. These were our challenge. The runway was our goal.

I exceeded everyone’s expectations. It took three leg reconstructions, a titanium prosthesis, and twenty cycles of aggressive chemotherapy. But three months after my last surgery, I walked for the designer of Michael Costello, Stephanie Costello and Walter Mendez in New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. My next runway? Los Angeles Fashion Week for Candice Cuoco and Vanessa Simmons.

I love fashion and modeling, but my goal is crystal clear: I hope to inspire young women and little girls to embrace life’s perfections and imperfections. I want them to see the world the way my battle taught me to. To breathe a little deeper, to love stronger, to look at challenges and fast forward to seeing the victory. To know you’ve faced the worst and can handle anything that comes your way.


If you didn't know me, now you will.....

  1. I am Natalia Harris, a NY native, LA based model of Barbadian and Dominican descent. Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) survivor, positive body image activist, college student (speech therapist in the making) and a believer. 
  2. Alter Ego: "Bionic Woman" - I'm known for having a centipede looking-15' in. beautiful scar that runs down half of my leg and holds my internal titanium prosthetic limb. After undergoing a couple of leg reconstruction surgeries, surviving aggressive chemotherapy and rigorous physical therapy, my scar is a symbol of strength of when cancer tried to kill me but failed.
  3. I'm a former basketball player like my dad, lover of Bikram yoga, and eat like a boy (I eat pretty healthy most of the time though lol) 
  4. Funny Fact: I sound off alarms and metal detectors at airports and some department stores with my bionic leg. 
  5. I share my journey with others to remind young women, cancer patients, survivors, students, to embrace life with its perfections and imperfections, to embrace body positivity and inclusivity in fashion, and to never give up on their dreams. 

Do not let circumstances define you. Embrace your uniqueness because no one in this world has been crafted to be just like you!


I'm still processing what it means to be a childhood cancer survivor. Overcoming this huge obstacle in my life is a reminder of what it means to go through many storms and still have the strength, hope and faith to shine. Thank you @AWEInspired_ for reminding me of my courage and honoring me with this beautiful necklace. This represents the beauty and resilience in survivorship of all circumstances. I'm delighted to be part of your community.



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