Meet Sofia: The Bionic Yogi

Meet Sofia: The Bionic Yogi

Meet Sofia: The Bionic Yogi


Sofia is a shining light: her energy radiates positivity, happiness, and serenity (plus, she looks fantastic in our Serenity Choker). Osteosarcoma forced her to replace the majority of her left leg with titanium, but that only pushed her harder to start her “Bionic Yogi” movement. We are in AWE of her inspirational lifestyle blog dedicated to getting fellow cancer survivors back to health.


"Embrace Our New Normal"

"We can do SO MUCH MORE than we give ourselves credit for. Get at it! But give yourself alllll sorts of love in the process."

"Our bodies have amazing abilities to figure out how to function even in the absence of what seems essential. Hamstrings, boobs, knees, kidneys...who needs em right?"


Osteosarcoma Survivor || Bionic Yogi ||  Helping Cancer Survivors Find Health, Life, and Happiness through Yoga & Self-Acceptance


I lost the ability to dance and to do other things I enjoy because of cancer. My life is not free of challenges and discouragement, but I practice acceptance of myself and my new leg every day. It is this practice of acceptance and the embrace of my new normal that has made me a better person than I was before. The things I have gone through have deepened my awareness and my empathy for others. I hope that through my new project, Sofia Holub Wellness, I will be able to strengthen and lift as many people up as possible.


Can we talk about hair for a second? All I wanted for so many years was to have my long hair back and while I'm so grateful to have hair again sometimes I miss showering my bald head (when I actually made it to the shower...ha) and then throwing on the wig of my choice for the day. Am I the only one? 



I've been out of my surgery for so long I had no idea the toll a Disneyland trip would take on my leg! It turns out that our two days in the park this weekend was the furthest I've walked in the last 7 years. I'm glad I was able to let go of my pride and finally ask for a wheelchair by the middle of our second day--but I'm not gonna lie, it was hard for me! I barely ever run into situations where I feel that limited anymore. Definitely grateful for this body of mine that can still do so much, and practicing gratitude towards this leg that keeps me from getting too ahead of myself.



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