Collection Launch: Goddess Hedone opens you up to pleasure

Collection Launch: Goddess Hedone opens you up to pleasure

We’re so excited to introduce you to the newest Greek Goddess to join our pantheon, Hedone, Goddess of pleasure. Her overall energy of love, self-care, and enjoyment is also the inspiration behind our self-love-enhancing amulets, including the Divine Feminine Necklace, the Topaz Manifestation Amulet, and the Cupid’s Gift Rose Quartz Amulet Necklace.

Hedone joins love Goddesses like Aphrodite, Oshun, Hathor, and Freya to remind the world of the importance of pleasure, particularly when it comes to caring for oneself. The entire premise of “treat yourself” could very well be one of Hedone’s mantras, alongside “I deserve all that is good” and “I will stop apologizing for being me.” Hedone can also be considered the patroness of “guilty pleasures,” except with the reminder that there’s no need to feel guilty about them. Let her and the other love Goddesses empower you to invite more self-love and gratification into your life.

Get to know Hedone

Hedone is both the Greek word for “pleasure” and the Greek goddess of pleasure, enjoyment, and delight. She is the daughter of Eros (AKA Cupid) and Psyche, who are the personification of love and the soul, respectively. With such a pedigree, it makes sense that Hedone would be all about indulging in things that bring pleasure, particularly sensual pleasure, i.e., gratification of the senses. Good food, beautiful music, luxurious clothing, stunning views – these are all sensual pleasures and some of the greatest enjoyments we have as humans. The word “sensual” can sometimes carry a negative connotation, but Goddess Hedone encourages you to look at it through a more positive lens. She reminds you to indulge yourself, enjoy life as much as you can, and never apologize for wanting more.

Why should you add Hedone to your personal Goddess collection?

When you choose Hedone as your Goddess, you give yourself permission to unapologetically enjoy life and delight in the things that bring you the most pleasure. As the Goddess of pleasure, Hedone promotes enjoyment and never feels guilty for having a good time. Whether you love taking a long, indulgent bath, enjoying a decadent dessert, cozying up with your favorite good read, or going on a bit of a shopping spree, Hedone encourages it all. The white opal gemstone used in this design enhances inner harmony and peace while guarding against negativity, helping you achieve peak serenity and emotional health. 


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