It’s in the stars: Your sign’s guide for the Scorpio Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse + Mercury Retrograde

It’s in the stars: Your sign’s guide for the Scorpio Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse + Mercury Retrograde

With Mercury in full retrograde and the recent full blood moon lunar eclipse that happened during the evening of Sunday May 15, we've put together a guide for your sign to navigate this celestial happening. This full moon eclipse was said to challenge you to focus on intimate relationships and inner reflection, and during a retrograde it is said to focus on communication. While this eclipse lasted longer than the average eclipse at 1 hour and 25 minutes, the effects of a lunar eclipse often linger, and combined with a Mercury Retrograde, are set to last until June 3. We curated a small collection of some powerful pieces to help you navigate this sublime happening depending on your sun sign. 

Aries: Commit or get off the pot. Now is the best time to make a choice and go with your gut on whatever it is you're sitting on. The compass ring would not only look beautiful on your favorite finger but also offer you symbolic guidance. It was believed to guide the Vikings so they’d never lose their way. 

Taurus: Now is your time to re-evaluate relationships that need attention and make sure you're getting what you need. The Frigg Necklace is perfect because the Norse Goddess Frigg was a devoted mother. She symbolizes motherhood, which could be helpful while you're working through any tough relationship issue. 

Gemini: Prioritize self-care and do not ignore the red flags your body has been telling you. Slow down and rest. You need it. We suggest the bold but delicate Poppy Bracelet since poppies are said to symbolize peace and create a harmonious balance within — something we all need but especially you, Gemini. 

Cancer: An intense time for you. Claim your spotlight and absorb any love or surprises that come your way with open arms. The Gaia Necklace is great for Cancers as they naturally have a nurturing soul but especially now when they should be receptive to any new relationships or opportunities. 

Leo: Look for ways to find clarity. Clean out old drawers, purge your cabinets, make sure your home life feels balanced and clutter-free. Time for a little more than just clarity? The Crystal Quartz Amulet Necklace will help with reaching clarity, plus offer protection and dispel negativity to clear your mind. 

Virgo: Now is the time for you to communicate and get it all out. Write letters, journal, have any deep conversations that need to be had. The Chimera Necklace represents all that is illusory or impossible, and reminds us that we’re more than the sum of our parts. 

Libra: Change may be on the horizon but stay patient. Mindful breathing, meditation and positive mantras will keep you calm. Butterflies are deeply symbolic and represent renewal, so our Butterfly Necklace is the perfect symbol to help you stay patient for your transformation. 

Scorpio: You may feel ready to make big changes during this time. Do it. It's time for you to feel your best inside and out. Time for a little chaos and Hecate is your goddess. Chaos equals change, and although you’re not one to readily accept change, take this opportunity this time. this Mini Hecate Necklace is the perfect piece for you.

Sagittarius: Feel it all and allow this time for healing. Inner work and a lot of reflection is going to feel more natural for you. you're ready. Inner working is a challenge but you are a strong fire sign with the energy to do it. Manifest the powers of the Mystical Goddess Bracelet and come out of this retrograde with a clear vision for your future. 

Capricorn: Are you feeling a need to change-up your circle? Now is a great time to explore other communities that are more aligned with your interests. Goddess of the night Nyx is powerful and beautiful, and her mystic powers include regeneration and superhuman strength. As you make some changes in your circle, harness her power with the Nyx Necklace

Aquarius: You're a leader and something may be pulling you into the direction to lead. Keep your options open and an open mind to possibilities. When all else feels unreachable, look to the moon as one of your north stars. The Moon Charm Necklace will remind you of your divine feminine energy and natural leadership skills to get a job done. 

Pisces: A change of scenery in nature is calling you. Take some much needed rest and recharge outside. Move your body in ways that feel good. We love the Selene Necklace for you right now as you take a much needed respite. Selene might even invoke sleepiness, and what’s better than sleeping under the stars and moon after a long day spent in nature? 

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