Telling Your Story Is The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do

Telling Your Story Is The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do

Storytelling is nearly as old as humanity itself. Even before we had words, before we had established any alphabets, we told stories by painting on the walls of caves. Later, we told oral stories that were passed on from one generation to the next. 

These days, storytelling is easier than ever. We can write books, songs, poems. We can blog, vlog, micro-blog. We can make films, express ourselves through art and fashion, and more. All the tools of storytelling are at our fingertips, but we must still be brave when it comes time to share our truth.

At Awe, we have always believed in the power and art of storytelling. The reason we created our Amulet Collector Link was to give our customers a way of telling their stories in a manner that felt authentic to them, yet still kept a sense of mystery. 

The link features an easy-to-open hinge that allows you to add on any four Goddess pendants or amulet charms. You can then secure the link with these pieces to any chain. The beauty of the Amulet Collector Link is that you can add any of the beautiful pieces that speak to you and your spirit, or that represent your character and personality, or your hopes and dreams. 

Your chosen Goddess (take our Goddess Quiz to find it if you haven’t yet) can act as the focal point of your necklace. From there you can add amulets and charms that resonate with you and will help enhance your story as supporting characters. 

You can mix and match any Goddess pendant and any amulets you want. You can have them match your mood, or use them to help you channel strength when you need it. Feel free to make a variety of combinations that tell different aspects of your story, and wear them as your mood dictates.


For example, we paired the Medusa Goddess Pendant with the Snake Charm to represent the power of challenging perception. In a similar fashion, we paired the Joan of Arc Goddess Pendant with the Sword Charm to represent power, purity, and protection. These are just two examples of how the Amulet Collector can be utilized to express a certain point of view or tell a particular story.

Above all, remember that telling your story is the most powerful thing you can do. It helps you connect to others, and to yourself. It brings people together and helps them understand each other better. Expressing ourselves has always been an innate desire for humans. Allow yourself to honor this desire and you will find that it will give you a sense of freedom and empowerment.

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