The Top 10: 2022’s bestsellers were full of magical energy

The Top 10: 2022’s bestsellers were full of magical energy

Our December bestsellers have so much meaning, and it’s not hard to see why they resonated with you. These pieces are empowering, full of magical, protective energy, and just plain beautiful. As always, the Woman Power Necklace makes the list because of its symbolism of feminine strength and for supporting the cause of equality. The Diamond Sword Necklace and Athena Goddess Necklace remain popular reminders of inner strength that can conquer all. The Cartouche Amulet Necklace from the Egyptians Collection features multiple symbols of life, strength, and protection.

All of these top 10 pieces are special in their own way, and will help carry anyone who wears them into the New Year with confidence, determination, positivity, and optimism.

Diamond Moon Wave Necklace - An elegant and delicate piece, the genuine Diamond Moon Wave Necklace will appeal to a variety of tastes.

Woman Power Necklace - This Taylor Swift-approved necklace is a subtle yet powerful representation of feminine energy and might.

Special Edition Hecate Necklace - The gleaming moonstone inlay on this necklace enhances the Goddess of witchcraft’s powers.

Special Edition Persephone Necklace - Our new Persephone design features a genuine garnet gemstone to represent a pomegranate seed.

Mini Florence Nightingale Necklace - The perfect gift for someone in your life who works in the medical field or who goes out of their way to help others.


Cartouche Amulet Necklace - The powerful Egyptian symbols on this necklace offer the wearer protection, good luck, and abundance.

Diamond Sword Necklace - Anytime you wear the Diamond Sword Necklace, you will feel your inner strength guiding you to rise to any challenge.

Hecate Goddess Necklace - The original Hecate pendant celebrates this Goddess of many talents, and ensures that some of her power will seep into the wearer.

Enduring Magic of the Cat Necklace - Cats are inherently magical creatures, and this necklace pays homage to how they have historically been revered and loved.

Athena Goddess Necklace - Goddess of war and wisdom, Athena resonates with people from all walks of life who want to tap into their own confidence and brilliance.

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