With thoughtful, intricate and painstaking attention to detail, decades of craftsmanship, and a touch of magic, Awe Inspired creates jewelry that will continue to excite, empower and inspire for years to come.

At Awe Inspired, we pour our hearts into creating jewelry that's as beautiful, unique and powerful as the people who wear it. From the figures and symbols depicted in our jewelry to the raw materials and production mechanisms we use, each and every piece is a study in attention to detail and dedication to high quality craftsmanship. Every single piece is fit for the Goddess who wears it.

Our commitment to ethical sourcing is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We use only the highest-grade hypoallergenic precious metals and genuine gemstones, ensuring our jewelry is not only beautiful, but also kind to your skin, worthy of adoration and durable enough to be part of your everyday life. 

Our Los Angeles-based designers infuse over a century of craftsmanship into finely detailed, impeccable quality 14k gold vermeil and sterling silver pieces. Awe Inspired's unique designs are a breath of fresh air in an industry often saturated with generic, mass-produced offerings. From powerfully resonant Goddesses to meaningful symbolic Amulets, each piece is hand-crafted with reverence and accuracy, bringing historical figures to life with a painstaking attention to detail that we believe raises the standard for the entire industry.

We take pride in our state-of-the-art craftsmanship, where every piece we design is not just jewelry but a symbol of empowerment and intention. Our 925 sterling silver is always free of allergenic metals like nickel. To ensure superior luster and durability, it’s coated in rhodium - a metallic element resistant to corrosion. Our use of gold vermeil, 14k solid gold bonded to a sterling silver base, ensures that our pieces are not only durable but also capture the fine detail work that is often lost in other gold-filled jewelry. This meticulous process, inspired by 18th century Parisian techniques, allows us to offer the opulence and longevity of solid gold at an accessible price point that invites everyone to experience Awe. Finally, each piece is hand polished to a radiant finish, because Awe is more than just jewelry.

Wearing Awe is a symbol of strength, empowerment and intention. You also carry the essence of our brand's mission, as we dedicate a portion of every sale to empowering women, caring for our community and supporting the causes we believe in. Your choice contributes to a legacy of positive impact, ensuring that the Awe we create is amplified into the world around us.

Caring for your Awe Inspired jewelry is a simple act of love. With the microfiber polishing cloth included in your purchase, you can maintain the luster and beauty of your piece. While our jewelry is designed to withstand the rigors of daily wear, we recommend treating it with care as you would for any precious object, avoiding harsh chemicals to preserve its enduring elegance.

In a world where fine jewelry can often be out of reach, Awe Inspired is the only choice that will never compromise on quality, ethical standards, or the depth of care and meaning that makes each piece uniquely intimate to the wearer. Our jewelry is testament to the fact that luxury and accessibility can coexist, providing our Goddesses with pieces that are stunningly beautiful, uplifting and empowering, as well as smart investments.

With Awe Inspired, you carry with you not just a piece of jewelry, but a story of passion, a commitment to beauty and strength, and a dedication to uplifting the world around us. It's a daily reminder to live in awe, every day.