Now Trending: Stacking Jewelry

Now Trending: Stacking Jewelry

Layering necklaces is one of our favorite ways to elevate an everyday outfit, but what about the rest of your look? Stacking jewelry is becoming more and more popular and not just for necklaces. Take a peek at some of our recent favorite stacking trends.


Express yourself with our amulet studs. Keep a neutral palette and get creative with different shapes and textures. Hoops, studs, and charms are a great way to mix up your look while still keeping to your true style. These small pieces can have a big impact on your overall look.

Want to keep things a little more simple? Add color with your Birthstone Stud or favorite Goddess Earring. Spreading out color throughout your stack helps it pack more of a punch without feeling too overwhelming.


There are a few simple rules to ring stacking. Spread things out with different shapes, textures, and stones. Keep to a single metal to make your stack feel purposeful. And add a bit of edginess with different sized bands. A heavier ring, like our Cable Chain Ring, on your thumb helps anchor the stack. Daintier pieces like our Double Pearl Ring in the middle will make your stack look interesting without feeling heavy. Of course adding a Goddess Signet Ring is a must to make your stack meaningful and empowering. 


We can’t talk about stacking jewelry without talking about our favorite style - layered necklaces. Working with your full décolletage allows you to spread out your pieces and let each shine. We love keeping necklace stacks to odd numbers, so this look with three is a great way to show off your inner Goddess and most inspirational amulets. The Selene Necklace with an extra long Saturn chain (worn on the longest jump ring) allows the necklace to hang low enough to not feel too distracting or close to the next piece. The Moon Necklace on a regular chain worn at the longest jump ring creates space in between the other two pieces and allows it to center itself as the focal point of the stack. Lastly, the Triple Star Necklace worn on the tightest jump ring sits closest to the neck. The amulet itself already hangs low so making sure to wear this piece at the tightest ring possible helps create the space needed in between the necklaces. 

Earrings, rings, necklaces. Layer one or layer them all, just make sure whatever stacks you're building feel like you. Mix and match your favorite pieces and switch up the styles until you find what works best for your look and comfort. Meaningful pieces paired with more trend-focused styles will create the ultimate Goddess look.

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