The Significance of our Gemstones

The Significance of our Gemstones

Whether you are a longtime crystal healing enthusiast or cannot keep your own birthstone straight, choosing jewelry based on the metaphysical properties of gemstones is another way to bring meaning and personal value to your jewelry collection. Choosing a Goddess charm or Aura pendant with a gemstone you connect with is the perfect piece to start your empowering necklace stack, or a brilliant way to add color and depth to an existing one. The tradition of using gemstones as symbols to attract physical, emotional, spiritual or magical states of being spans thousands of years and many religious and mystical traditions. The purpose of this list is to help you deepen your understanding and connection to your Awe jewelry and is in no way exhaustive of the complex and multi-cultural background to each stone. While gemstones are empowering symbols and said to promote many types of healing, they in no way replace other means of mental and physical healthcare.


Woman Power Charm Necklace

Violet Aura Necklace


Color: light to dark purple

Birthstone: February

Chakras: Third Eye and Crown 

Key Traits: Heightens intuition, protects against negative energy, balances the emotional state.

Amethyst promotes health and wellbeing by connecting the wearer to their intuition and boosting inner tranquility. It is said to protect oneself from external negative energy and influence. For this reason, many people find amethyst to be a positive affirmation of their sobriety or a tool to remain focused on one's true purpose and self.


Yellow Aura Necklace

Color: pale yellow to brownish orange

Birthstone: November

Chakras: Solar Plexus

Key Traits: Attracts joy, manifests abundance, boosts confidence. 

Citrine sparks joy. The bright, happy, stone has a positive impact on willpower and energy levels. It is the perfect stone for those who are feeling stagnant and need a little boost to walk through life with confidence.


Owl Charm Necklace


North Star Charm Necklace 

Color: transparent

Birthstone: April

Chakras: Crown

Key Traits: Increase clarity & wisdom, following purpose, abundance. 

Diamonds amplify mental and emotional clarity. This allows one to build powerful bonds in relationships and quiet anxiety over new experiences and big transitions. The stones wearer may feel increased alignment with their higher self and the resilience and endurance to achieve their goals.


Snake Charm Necklace

Color: deep green

Birthstone: May

Chakras: Heart

Key Traits: Love, compassion, and courage.

Emeralds are of the heart. They attract loyal, successful, loving people to one's life. They can be used to promote emotional healing through compassion and expansion of awareness. Some cultures believe the stone is a symbol of immortality and abundance. Cleopatra was known to wear them and give them to important guests.

Hessonite Garnet 

Orange Aura Necklace

Color: deep orange and red

Birthstone: January

Chakra: Root and Sacral

Key Traits: Promotes emotional expression, vitality, and passion.

Hessonite Garnet helps clear the pathway for healthy emotional expression by lessening restricting feelings of guilt and shame. This can unlock passion and confidence that was previously unknown to the wearer. Like other garnets, many people choose to carry this stone for protection when traveling.


Antler Charm Necklace

Color: Iridescent blue or pink toned

Birthstone: June

Chakra: Third Eye and Solar Plexus

Key Traits: Mental clarity & inner vision, trust in the cycles of life, feminine energy.

Moonstone soothes inner turmoils by helping one find comfort and stability in the natural ebb and flows of life. As a symbol of divine feminine energy, some use the stone to find wisdom and strength in motherhood or other caretaking relationships. The stone is said to bring the wearer good luck in business and romance.


Shell Charm Necklace

Color: white

Birthstone: June

Chakras: Crown

Key Traits: Promotes serenity, helps softens the inner critic, wisdom.

As pearls are found in the ocean, they bring the wisdom of it. They help one slow down and focus on the breath as it goes in and out like the tide. This promotes a greater ease in expressing emotions and soften negative thoughts. In Greek mythology, pearls are said to be Aphrodite's tears of joy.


Eye of Horus Necklace


Green Aura Necklace

Color: green

Birthstone: August

Chakra: Heart

Key Traits: Boosts compassion, brings harmony with the mind and heart, good health. 

Peridot is not only made in the earth, but can be found on the moon and falling to the ground in meteorites as well. The stone can bring harmony and balance to many aspects of life, including one's internal struggles. It does this by boosting compassion and calming anger. Peridot has also long been considered a protective stone for health.


Red Aura Necklace


Shield Charm Necklace

Color: pink to red 

Birthstone: July

Chakra: Root and Heart

Key Traits: Encourages loyalty and creativity, worn as a sign of honor, protects the family. 

Rubies are symbols of prosperity and passion. They fortify the creative energy in life that leads to high levels of passion and motivation. The stone represents protective energy over families and roots. They can be worn as a sign of strength and honor.

Sapphire, Blue

Indigo Aura


Color: royal blue

Birthstone: September

Chakra: Throat and Third Eye

Key Traits: Brings mental clarity, spiritual insight, and strength.

Blue Sapphire has been revered throughout history and cherished by religious figures and royalty. The blue gem enhances the intuition and connection to the spirit to aid the wearer in spiritual understanding. It is said to promote the clarity and wisdom required to protect oneself from negativity.

Sapphire, Yellow

Magnolia Charm Necklace


Color: yellow

Birthstone: September

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Key Traits: Stimulates creative intellect, helps manifest prosperity, and gives optimism.

Yellow Sapphires, similar to blue ones, are gems of insight and wisdom. This sapphire promotes the intelligence needed to transform creative ideas into actions. Wearers of this gem feel capable of achieving their entrepreneurial and artistic endeavors. This can lead to an increase of optimism and joy.


Color: light blue 

Birthstone: December

Chakra: Throat

Key Traits: Encourages speaking personal truth, eases anxiety, and welcomes opportunities.

Blue Topaz opens up one's relationship to others and the world by alleviating the anxiety and doubt that stops people from speaking their truth. This new flow of communication clarifies one's intentions and desires which leads to more opportunities. Vocalizing boundaries also aids in feeling more trust and safety throughout life.


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