Our Team's Most Treasured Pieces

Our Team's Most Treasured Pieces

Get to know the wonderful team behind the beautiful pieces and empowering messages at Awe Inspired. Learn about their most treasured jewelry and get even more inspired to live your life Awe. Shop all staff favorites.


Sr. Manager, Retention Marketing

I love how the moon lights up the dark and how Selene has control over time. As a planner, I value time and ensure that I make the most out of my day-to-day. I also love the intricate designs of the Selene Goddess. My mom, who seldom compliments my jewelry, said this was beautiful. Growing up, celebrating the moon during mid-Autumn Festival is a big tradition in my family, which was another reason why Selene, Goddess of the Moon, resonated with me.


Sr. Director, Ecommerce

I love all of my Awe Inspired pieces and it's definitely hard to choose a favorite. I was so happy when the rose gold Woman Power Necklace came out. For me, it reflects both my femininity and my strength and ferocity. I also have many beautiful cancer survivors in my family and so the fact that it also gives back to Cancer Care means so much to me.


Senior Director, Business Intelligence

The "Everything I Need is Within Me" Affirmation Necklace resonates with me so much because the words are truth. A reminder that centers me to know that I lack nothing. What that means to me is that I am already enough and no matter what happens, I am equipped and the creator my own destiny.    



Throughout COVID my partner and I found solace and moments of awe while immersed in nature. I felt a stronger pull than ever to the Goddesses of the natural world like Pachamama the Earth Mother and Oshun the Goddess of flowing water. I love the tablet shape of our Women of Worship pendants and wanted to add some oomph by putting them on paperclip chains (all of our pendants can be worn on any of our chains by the way!)



VP, Growth

This combination is a perfect combination for me, the Hamsa Necklace, an affirmation of good luck with the Woman Power Necklace, a divine inner strength of a powerful woman. I also also love how delicate both pieces are and that they sit perfectly on a neckline.  



Egyptian Art is one of my passions. Dating back to 664 BC, Isis is the Mother of all Goddesses representing Motherhood. She is a symbol of devotion as she used her magical powers to protect and heal both her husband and her child, Horus. I am drawn to the “Eye of Horus” because it is a historically accurate replica of the Egyptian Hieroglyphic. 


Fulfillment Manager

The Joan of Arc Necklace inspires me to be courageous and strong and stand up for what I believe in.


Ecommerce Manager

The Evil Eye Necklace was the first piece I got from Awe. I love the detail (hello eyelashes!) and color, as well as having a wanderer of evil on my neck at all time! The Herringbone Chain is a perfect way to take your layering look up a level, it goes perfectly with all of my pendants and just makes me feel a bit more fancy. The Cable Chain Hoops are my all time favorite and don't get enough attention (IMO). As an avid hoop wearer, these are by far the easiest to wear all day! They are extremely light weight, don't irritate my ears and above all else, are beautiful!

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