Meet Savannah: The Blissful Bohemian

Meet Savannah: The Blissful Bohemian

Meet Savannah: The Blissful Bohemian


Savannah has lived with a serious heart condition her entire life. She’s reached the brink of death twice due to heart failure. But instead of living in fear, she lives a life that is #ALIVEandEMPOWERED. She has her degree in Chemical Engineering, can run a 7:30 mile, and is a successful freelance model. We are in AWE of her strength and resilience!


"There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs."

"Be kind, for everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about."


Chemical Engineer || Editor-in-Chief at The Blissful Bohemian || Model || Writer || Certified PT || INFJ


I have clinically died twice. But I never gave up. I never gave in to the comfort. Even at a young age, I knew I had a purpose. And I would survive to see it through.

I was born with Tetralogy of Fallot. No, it’s not a geometry problem. It’s a congenital disease of the heart. There’s missing parts, extra parts, parts too big, parts too small, even holes. I needed experimental open heart surgery when I was born in 1994. Chances of survival were bleak, but my outlook wasn’t. By the power of medicine, Grace, and my own strength I, Savannah Bölin, am 22 years old and can boast a 7:30 mile run. Oh, and I’m a chemical engineer.

It has taken 11 surgeries to get to this point. It has taken a childhood in and out of hospitals, watching my parents cry for years, losing hospital friends who didn’t make it. It has taken not knowing if I would kick it at any moment.

I still have to fight with the anxiety this experience has left me with. It’s a fight I give my everything to, though. I currently work as a chemical engineer, model, and blogger. My busy lifestyle can be a burden on this disorder. But I know I am stronger than it.


I get a lot of questions about my scar, and if you couldn't already guess, it's from open heart surgery. I've got a pretty messed up ticke. It takes me twice as long to build cardiovascular endurance, and I've had to closely monitor my condition for the past 22 years (all my life). It would be easy to use this as an excuse to not prioritize fitness and exercise. It would be easy to give up when I, a certified PT, can barely keep up in spin class. 

The only limits that exist are the ones that we create for ourselves. No matter what is impeding you, whatever excuse you can conjure, however uninspired or incapable you feel... it is all irrelevant. So get out there, and work fearlessly and relentlessly towards your goals, even if it takes you twice as long. Do not let your shortcomings discourage you, but rather, fuel your desire for success. I promise, you will not regret the choice to put forth effort & overcome.


It's so easy to make a mistake with your diet or miss a workout and then just want to quit and give up on your health/fitness goals! But... that's kinda like getting a flat tire and getting so upset that you slash the other 3 tires!  I know that I'm certainly not perfect by any means. I sometimes binge late night or skip the gym for days in a row. 

But yet, I progress. Why? Because even though I may slip up, I NEVER give up. Self forgiveness is so important!!! So you ate cheese fries last night because you were upset? Wake up, forgive yourself, and kill it at the gym! The only thing that matters is that you keep going.



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