Horoscope: Your Goddess Guide to November

Horoscope: Your Goddess Guide to November

This November brings a lot of transformation and healing for each sign. As the nights get darker faster, and the weather heads into the colder months, reflection and going deeper into our inner selves is what is being called of us. 

Read on to see what’s in store for your sun sign and which Goddess we feel would be best to guide you through it. 

Aries: It’s time to explore deeper the relationships that you hold most dear and take some much needed downtime to nurture them in a way that you may have never explored before. Look to Egyptian Goddess Hathor, who is associated with motherhood, family, healing and nurturing energy, to help guide your heart. 

Taurus: This month calls for much needed balance in all areas of your life. Work/life, family/friends, social life/solo time — you tend to go all in and your body and mind have been giving you signs to seek a little harmony. Greek Goddess of justice, wisdom and counsel Themis is here to be your reminder when tasked with finding your balance.


Gemini: You feel the need sometimes to justify who you are. It’s hard for other signs to pin down and fully understand you as you’re never one to be limited to just one version of yourself, and why should you be? You’re interesting and curious about everything, so this month, try and embrace yourself fully as you are. Let Greek Goddess, Aphrodite inspire all of that self love you need. 

Cancer: While you’re incredibly in tune with your emotions, you’ve also been in situations where they have gotten the best of you. You may want to take November to reflect on moments where you could have handled a situation differently but also remember how you have grown over the past year. Seek inspiration from Yoruba Goddess, Yemaya, whose deep inner strength can be your north star. 

Leo: A born leader but what is next? What else is there? Your dreams are limitless but you may be exploring what else is out there for you. It’s a great time for you to carve out time in your busy life to put goals down on paper and out into the universe. Greek Goddess Athena is the Goddess of heroic endeavor and your guide to discover your next chapter. 

Virgo: You tend to prioritize success, career and personal achievements, and while there is nothing wrong with that, it’s also important to take a break and prioritize the other things that ignite your soul. Take needed PTO, read a book for pleasure, go deeper into your spiritual journey. Norse Goddess of ancestral wisdom, Hel can assist you as you explore your spirituality and remind you of your strength. 

Libra: Usually light and airy, you’re invited this month to do some shadow work and to look at yourself as a person who is deeply layered. It’s hard to focus on the darker sides of ourselves, but the darkness sometimes helps us reveal an inner light that we never knew existed. Let Greek Goddess Persephone help you explore the darkness but keep your light ablaze. 

Scorpio: Intimacy is important to you and you’re never one who lives on the surface level. You’re emotional and intuitive, and anyone who you let in is someone whom you trust completely. This November, go deeper with your intimate partner or those closest to you and be open to their feedback and their own intimacy needs. Greek Goddess Gaia is benevolent and nurturing and will guide you as you connect with your loved ones. 

Sagittarius: If you’ve been feeling a little out of the loop and off-center, this is the month to make sure you’re fully aligned. One easy way to do that is to immerse yourself in daily rituals that can help center you and add comfort to your life. Look to the Egyptian Goddess of protection and pleasure, Bastet, to assist you in creating a meaningful ritual. 

Capricorn: You may find yourself trying to navigate conflict and while you tend to view all situations through a very fair and equal lens, not everyone shares that moral code. The best thing to do this month is to remember to let the little things go and focus on the big battles. Seek bravery in Celtic Goddess of war, The Morrigan.

Aquarius: How is your sanctuary? Do you feel safe? Have you created a space that is inviting and allows you to rest and experience joy? If not, now is the time to create this sacred space. You will find that your mind is clear, your creativity is sparked and you’re resting deeper. Celtic Goddess Rhiannon can be your muse as you seek inspiration. 

Pisces: If you want it, you have to go for it. Your power is inside of you and if you have something to say, feelings to express or people you need to set boundaries with, now is your time. Listen to your intuition and seek strength from Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddess of war… but also healing.

Have a wonderful November and check out our Zodiac collection here.

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