Create Your Story, Live the Meaning

Create Your Story, Live the Meaning

There is power in what we put on every day. We choose clothing that helps us express who we are, what we want to show the world, how we want to be communicated with, and for reasons that go way beyond surface level. We have days where all that we want to wear are nostalgic sweatshirts of our youth to feel whatever comfort it brings us. We keep vintage band tees in drawers for years and refuse to part with them. We have dresses in the back of our closets that we wear for the most special occasions — when we want to feel like the only person in a room. We have sneakers that have seen many miles, ran many airport terminals, been on countless adventures, and they somehow feel like a part of us.  


The same goes for jewelry. It may have started for you when you were a pre-teen, learning and establishing some of your most treasured friendships. The exchange of one half of a best friend necklace...the epitome of 4th grade BFF status. Then you may have heirlooms that may have been passed down to you by a dear family member or gifts for graduation or milestone birthdays, and you likely wear them when you want to feel a connection to either that moment or the person who gifted them to you. Trinkets full of soul, collected through our lives. As we get older, the pieces may become more meaningful and symbolic. Wedding rings, celebratory pieces we give ourselves because we can, Mother’s Day jewelry gifts (macaroni or birthstones). And every time we wear them, there is a deep significance. There is a feeling we want to feel and live in. 


At Awe, we create jewelry, modern-day heirlooms and pieces to do the same. We want the wearer to feel something special. From our Goddess pendants like Joan of Arc who offers strength to anyone living through a challenge, to Athena who empowers and gives the wearer a sense of protection, to Hecate who instills a bit of witchy power. Our zodiacs who help us realize a version of ourselves that we may find intriguing or unique, to our amulets that offer us symbolism that can be very personal. Each and every piece was created to inspire and to be worn with intention. 


At the Awe-ffice (see what we did here?), we each have our favorite pieces, and when we created our chain and layering tools, we created them knowing that many of our customers (and us) loved to mix and match their pieces. Then, when we introduced the Round Amulet Collector Link and the Oval Amulet Collector Link, we knew it was a game changer. It’s become one of our favorite ways to tell our stories and express ourselves through the Goddesses, amulets, and pieces that we adore. 


Here are some of our team’s favorite pieces to wear on the Amulet Collectors (which can hold up to four amulets). Allow the Awe team’s stories to inspire you to build and share your own with the Amulet Collector and individual Amulet pieces. Enjoy $30 off on orders of $175 or more with code STORY30.


Margarita, Copywriter: 

Selene Goddess Pendant - This pendant is beyond gorgeous. I love how Selene is shown cradling the moon, which is a source of great energy for me.

Blue Aura Pendant - The Blue Aura rules the throat chakra inspiring you to speak your truth, which can be difficult for me. This necklace helps me speak up.

Pisces Pendant- As a Pisces, I am obviously biased toward my sign, but I love that it fills me with creativity, intuition, and compassion.

Mirror Amulet - Mirrors hold doors to other worlds. This necklace makes me feel like I'm transcending reality.



Donna, Director of Retention:

Libra Pendant - I'm a Libra and identify with my sign's key characteristic traits. I'm fascinated by balance and symmetry. I absolutely gravitate towards peace and harmony.

Quan Yin Goddess Pendant - The Goddess that my mom introduced me to when I was a little girl. Quan Yin achieved Nirvana and decided to stay on Earth to help others. Her altruistic ways are inspiring! Having her nearby also provides a sense of protection and calm that I need in my day to day.

Ruby Red Aura Necklace - I love the lucky red color. Also, red is the first chakra, the root chakra that activates all 5 senses. It's the foundation for all that life represents.

Woman Power Pendant - I'm all for woman empowerment and love. This is the perfect symbol for that!

Max, CEO:

Hera Goddess Pendant - Hera's character in scripture is one of jealousy and spite. I appreciate the contemporary, feminist interpretation of her as a leader in her own right, whose strength and prowess is misinterpreted as evil by patriarchal storytelling. 

Taurus Pendant - I'm a double Taurus (sun and moon) and identify closely with my sign – I'm dedicated and hardworking and can be stubborn intellectually and emotionally, and I'm all about self-care.   

Large Crystal Quartz - I'm crystal-curious but don't fully ascribe to their energy balancing properties. But I'm fascinated by geology and the beauty of the natural earth; crystals to me symbolize the wonder of our regenerative ecosystem that must be protected. 

Green Aura Necklace - I wear the Green Aura necklace because it reminds me to lead with love and compassion. The inverted stone in this piece is also gorgeous.



Nicole, Director of Social Media:

Circe Goddess Pendant- I recently fell in love with sorceress and Goddess, Circe. She has a reputation of being a seductress and changing men into pigs, but she's also known as being headstrong, independent and generous. There is just something about her that I gravitate towards. 

Frida Kahlo Mini Goddess Pendant- Frida was an artist that I fell in love with as a teenager while I studied and put so much passion into my own paintings. Her resilience, strength and the expression of the female experience is inspiring and deeply complex. I wear her for strength and for creativity. 

Poppy Pendant- Symbolizing peace, rest, and remembrance, their meaning is why I purchased this piece.   As a Californian girl, I love when poppies are in bloom during springtime and the hillsides are covered in them. They have always felt like hope, and I love pairing the poppy with my Frida and Circe because all three feel very magical to me. 

Gemini Pendant- My sun and moon sign is Gemini, and my daughter is also a Gemini and astrology has always deeply fascinated and intrigued me. I identify with Gemini's open mindedness, flexibility and youthful energy. I can't imagine myself as any other zodiac sign, and I love how this piece was designed. 



Rita, VP of Marketing:

Capricorn Pendant- It is the cutest depiction I have seen of Capricorn and it's the perfect size for a collector. 

Nymph Pendant- A delightful reminder to carry magic with you in every moment. I love the way it is reaching for the moon. 

Pomegranate Amulet- The detail of this beautiful charm, along with the slash of red, makes it gorgeous with every combo I wear on my Amulet collector.


We invite our customers to share their favorite pieces they like to mix and match with their amulet collectors and tag us so that we can share with our community. Hearing about why these pieces embolden or hold meaning to you is what truly inspires us. Need some help building out your story? Visit our Build Your Story page for inspiration. 

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