Gift Guide: Warrior, Champion, Enchantress, or Belladonna? Find the power piece that speaks to your soul

Gift Guide: Warrior, Champion, Enchantress, or Belladonna? Find the power piece that speaks to your soul

When we look at the types of women who love our jewelry, we find that they are likely to be one of four archetypes: the Warrior, the Champion, the Enchantress, and the Belladonna. The Warrior admires the formidable Greek Goddess of war and wisdom, Athena. She is the architect of her own life and follows through on her goals and dreams with gusto. The Champion is also a fighter, but she always fights for a reason (and, thus, finds kinship with our Woman Power Collection). She never gives up and is in touch with her inner feminine strength. 

The Enchantress finds herself in Hecate and strikes the perfect balance between light and dark, able to channel both energies to best serve her and her needs. She is intuitive and open-minded, which helps guide her through life with success. The Belladonna can sometimes be misunderstood, like Goddess Medusa, but she stands firm in her convictions. She is confident and independent, moving through life with steady ambition and resolve.

If you find that you are one of these archetypes, you’re in luck because we’ve created a gorgeous, meaningful gift guide to lead you to the power pieces that will serve and support you every time you wear them. This upcoming holiday season is also all about Gifting the Spirit, which empowers you to manifest joy by giving yourself gifts that promote self-discovery, strengthen spiritual health, and brighten your world.

The Warrior 

In the modern world, Athena would be a top CEO. With her strategic skills, her cleverness, her intelligence, and her penchant for battle (in the boardroom), she is a leader through and through. If Athena is the Goddess of your soul, you probably tend to lead with your head rather than your heart, and you are also competitive, fierce, and determined.

The Freedom of Flight Necklace Set featuring the Athena Goddess Pendant & Feather Amulet symbolizes wisdom and the ability to break down barriers. 

The Diamond Sword Necklace is the representation of your strength, endurance, and authority.

The Dragon Necklace with a bright red ruby glowing in its mouth is symbolic of that surge of power that springs forth when you need it most. Combine the Diamond Sword & Dragon for the ultimate dose of invincibility.  


The Champion

Fighting for justice is typically an uphill battle, but champions are always up to the challenge. Our Woman Power pieces represent the power and strength of the feminine, and if these pieces resonate with you, you are almost certainly an activist and fighter. You don’t ever give up or admit defeat, and view any closed door as an opportunity to break it down.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one of our real-life Goddesses who embodies “woman power” completely. Show the world your fearlessness and power when pairing RBG with the Woman Power Amulet in this necklace set.

Perhaps nobody quite fits the role of The Champion like Joan of Arc, who, at 19 years old, led the French army to victory against the English armed solely with bravery and the courage of her convictions. This necklace set featuring our Special Edition Joan of Arc Goddess Pendant and the Fleur de Lis Amulet will help you tap into your own indefatigable reserves of energy.

Keep your crown chakra balanced with the Violet Aura Necklace to protect your health and give you the endurance needed to keep fighting the necessary battles.


The Enchantress

Hecate is the Goddess of witchcraft, the night, and magic, who is capable of both good and evil. That just means she has a dark side and a light side, and is in tune with both of them. If you find Hecate intriguing, you are most likely well-balanced, intuitive, and open-minded. You can channel the duality of your personality to solve problems and access new perspectives.

Hecate is a Goddess who has reached her full potential. No longer seeking to find herself, she knows exactly who she is. Her affirmation is, “Everything I Need Is Within Me.”

Embrace the height of your powers and your own “badass” feminine energy with the Special Edition Hecate Goddess Pendant, The Inner Power Necklace Set in sterling silver, or the Season of the Witch Necklace Set

Block the actions of those who seek to subdue you with the Reclaiming the Pentagram Amulet, which offers protection and keeps you in tune with both the material and spiritual worlds.


The Belladonna


Belladonna translates to “beautiful woman” in Italian, and Medusa was certainly beautiful. Belladonna plants are also poisonous, but their beauty can fool people into thinking they’re benign. If you identify with Medusa, you are likely confident, independent, and assertive. You are not aggressive, but if you’re ever wronged, you won’t be afraid to unleash the full force of your wrath.

Like serpents, butterflies are also powerful symbols of transformation (as seen in our Flit Like A Butterfly, Bite Like A Snake Necklace Set. The Dark Butterfly Ring will ensure you remain the master of your own metamorphosis in every stage of your life. 

Channel your inner darkness during moments in life when bold, fierce, and unrelenting action is needed with the Black Onyx Aura Ring.

Don’t forget the intricate Medusa Collector Set featuring the Snake Amulet and Green Aura to strike the perfect balance between your head and heart.

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