Spiritual Wellness: Snow Full Moon Rising

Spiritual Wellness: Snow Full Moon Rising

The snow moon arrives as we approach the end of Winter, on February 5th, after months of darkness and cold. This bright, illuminating light shines like a beacon, reminding us to endure for a little longer and we will be rewarded with the beauty of fresh blooms and the liveliness of Spring. Spend this month in peace and comfort, knowing that there is always light after darkness.

As with every celestial event that leaves us in Awe, a full moon is a reminder of our connection to the natural world. Full moons remind us to reflect and take inventory of the most important things in our lives, currently. The illumination shines light on our lives in a way that allows us to possibly see new perspectives and reevaluate the present. 

Let 2023 be the year that you adopt moon rituals. (New and full!) The timing of both moon phases blend perfectly with our busy lives and we’re sharing a few rituals that some members of our Goddess community have shared with us. Do you have your own moon ritual? Message us on Instagram to share so that we can share. 

“I love cleaning on the evening of a full moon. I turn on a favorite playlist, light some candles, put on my favorite sweatpants and thoughtfully clean parts of my home that sometimes I might overlook. I love waking up the next morning and it always makes me feel very refreshed.” — Abby, El Paso, TX

Honor the moon and its cleansing properties with the Moon Phases Necklace

“Every full moon I write down things that I am done with. It could be self-doubt, negative self-talk, doom scrolling before bed. I do not always succeed in these things but just writing it down feels so cathartic.” — Sage, Ashland, OR

Celebrate the endings as well as beginnings with the Inverted Moon Necklace.

“I always make a point to go outside when the full moon is out and just look up, breathe deeply and acknowledge the good in my life. Some months can be tough and some months are full of joy, but I am so grateful for this life and taking these quiet moments has really helped me remember the things that are most important.” — Maria, Colorado Springs, CO

The Cosmic Yin Yang Necklace is a beautiful symbol to represent harmony in the universe. 

“I feel such a strong connection to nature during a full moon and truly in my feminine element. On every full moon I take a soothing and sensual bath. I wait for the house to all go to bed, I use my favorite oils, light a candle and I envision myself as a Goddess.” — Simone, Whitefish, MT

Honor your inner Moon Goddess and take your spot as Queen of the Night’s Sky. 

“A full moon is a great moment to write down your dreams and speak out your intentions for the month. I do this right before I go to sleep and I feel like these are almost willed into my dreams.” – Avi, Hudson, NY


Let Goddess Fortuna help you achieve your dreams and manifest prosperity. 

“We’re getting witchy under the full moon. Howling, singing, dancing, charging crystals, speaking my truths to the universe and letting in all of the light.” — Danielle, Santa Cruz, CA

Embrace your magic and power. Let Hecate guide you through the night. 

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