Styled: Mastering the perfect earring stack

Styled: Mastering the perfect earring stack

We know that layering has been a trend for some time and it does not stop with curtain bangs or layering on your Goddess necklaces. Ear stacking has become an art form and honestly, we’re here for it. The 90’s grunge girl inside of all of us approves of this edgy, but chic look and we’ve consulted the style experts (ok, ok, we’ve studied all of the most stylish IG creators) to share with you, six ear stacking looks we’re pretty obsessed with. Two holes, or four — this look is not only aspirational but attainable. 

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Warrior Goddess Stack

We like this look because it combines the strength and general badassery of the ultimate Goddess of heroes Athena with the Wing Studs to achieve supernatural heights and finishing off the stack with the stunning White Topaz Studs which support clarity and clear thoughts — something wise Athena would definitely appreciate.

Inner Strength Stack 

They say that nothing is as strong as a diamond, but we know that women are stronger and while this stack knows no socially constructed genders, we’re loving the meaning behind each piece. The Diamond Sword Studs for strength, courage, and fortitude to guide you through tough times, the Small Diamond Huggies because they add a touch of elevated style, the Blue Topaz Ear Cuff to attune the higher self and the White Topaz Ear Cuff for awareness. 

Earth Child Stack

Let us help you channel that nature Goddess that spends her week daydreaming about forest bathing, crystal charging and connecting with the Mother. Quartz Crystal Huggies to help you be more intune with your heart and spirit, the Snake Studs to help you shed the past and look to the future and the Emerald Studs for growth, renewal and hope. 


Divine Feminine Stack

Connect with your divine feminine (we all can BTW) and express yourself with a stack that nurtures that enchanting energy. Moonstone Drop Earrings because moonstone is a connection to the feminine, the Diamond Crescent Moon Studs to harness the luminosity of the moon and the White Sapphire Ear Cuff because white sapphires are said to connect with your crown chakra which strengthens wisdom. 

Color Crush Stack

Add a pop to your stack with subtle color and a touch of magic. Color is said to induce a happy moon and lift spirits so naturally we start with the Rainbow Ear Cuff for peace and harmony, the Hamsa Studs for luck and protection, the Garnet Studs for love and friendship and the Amethyst Studs for calming energy. 

Take Flight Stack

Hear us out on this one. Double huggies! Yes, it works and it’s totally chic and effortless — pretty much the look we’re all trying to achieve. Start with the Black Enamel Inlay Huggies for a little mystery, then add the Mother of Pearl Inlay Huggies to heighten intuition and finish with the Dark Butterfly Studs to own your metamorphis. 

How do you stack?

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