The Inspiration behind EMBRACE

The Inspiration behind EMBRACE

After spending months quarantined from the ones we love, it became clear that everyone was yearning for one thing: an embrace. A hug from your grandma, your best friend or partner could feel so far into the future that it was almost unachievable and perhaps even becoming a distant memory.

The inspiration for our new EMBRACE Collection came from this vital human need. We can't give our sister a hug, but instead we can send her an EMBRACE. We will never forget this time nor take the power of an embrace for granted. This wearable embrace will not only serve to fulfill a large void we’re all missing, but continue to remind us to slow down and appreciate every embrace we can.

The figures reflected on the tablet necklaces were inspired by modernist sculpture, particularly the work of Romanian modernist artist Constantin Brâncuși. Brâncuși’s carved, curved abstract representations of humans evoke emotion and spiritual reflection, emphasizing essence and idea over outer form. 

Taking influence from Brâncuși’s figurative forms, we wanted to represent the multitudinous identities and relationships that make up our shared human experience so that anyone could find themselves and their relationships within these figures.

This collection reminds us that no matter a person’s gender, race, sexuality, or physicality, we are all worthy and in need of human connection and touch.

We present you with friends, sisters, lovers and encourage you to find yourself within these figures. In a time of profound isolation, an embrace is all we desire to feel whole again.

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