Collection Launch: Get a surge of power with our new Goddess cuff bracelets

Collection Launch: Get a surge of power with our new Goddess cuff bracelets

Our Goddess Cuff Bracelets are a new way of honoring and celebrating the Goddess of your heart. The traditional cuff design features the Goddess image as the focal point, enhanced with a genuine, symbolically meaningful gemstone that corresponds to each Goddess and boosts her spiritual power. Though we don’t have one for every Goddess in our pantheon yet, we do have some of our most popular Goddesses available.

You can stack these bracelets (see our stacking style guide here) or wear them individually depending on the vibe you’re going for. Either way, you’ll get a surge of power and energy every time you wear them. Also, they’re just plain stylish and will definitely have plenty of compliments coming your way. If you’re not sure which Goddess you will connect with most, be sure to take our Goddess quiz to find out!

Hecate: Hecate, Goddess of Witchcraft. Her gemstone is a rainbow moonstone, a gem believed to enhance psychic powers, intuition, creativity, and manifestation.

Selene: Selene, Goddess of the Moon. Her gemstone is a white opal, which promotes clarity and serenity, and shields against negative energy.

The Morrigan: The Morrigan, Goddess of War. Her gemstone is a green malachite, which is known for its transformative powers and its ability to absorb negative energy.

Previously launched Goddess cuffs:

Athena: Athena, Goddess of Heroes, War, and Wisdom. Her gemstone is a white topaz, the “stone of awareness” that enhances clarity of thought and promotes individuality.

Medusa: Medusa, Goddess of Female Empowerment. Her gemstone is a black onyx, a stone that emits powerful vibrations of strength, protection, willpower, and self-control.

Aphrodite: Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty. Her gemstone is a freshwater pearl, which is a nod to her birth from the foam of waves and a symbol of wisdom.

Joan of Arc: Joan of Arc, Warrior Goddess. Her gemstone is a London blue topaz distinguished by an inky shade of blue and known for its ability to clarify and calm the mind.

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