Collection Launch: The Eclipse

Collection Launch: The Eclipse

Eclipses are natural phenomena that have fascinated humans for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations believed that eclipses were a bad omen, because during a solar eclipse, the sun’s light was temporarily blocked (some cultures thought the sun had been eaten by a mythical creature). Spiritually, and in more recent years, many believe that eclipses are a powerful time to seek change and take steps to enter a new phase of your life.

Why would an eclipse be a good time to seek change or enter a new phase? Eclipses are literally disruptions in the natural order of things. They are like a brief pause from the ordinary, and they quite often force us to stop what we are doing and look up. They inspire awe, and even have us rescheduling our plans or gathering in groups to view them. The power of an eclipse to make us stop and think, or stop and stare in awe, cannot be overlooked. 

You can think of an eclipse as an opportunity to pause and take stock of where you are, embrace change, and allow yourself to look ahead to how you want to evolve as a person – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is what the Eclipse Collection embodies and encourages you to do. If you are at a crossroads or simply want more positive energy in your life, consider one of these powerful pieces.

Moonstone Eclipse Pendant

This genuine Moonstone Eclipse Pendant from the Eclipse Collection features moonstone cabochons, 3D sun ray details, and 3D moon phase artwork to invoke solar and lunar energy.

When you wear this Moonstone Eclipse Pendant, allow yourself to think about what stage you are in life and how you would like to see yourself evolve. Think about the hopes and dreams you are either actively working towards or have put it off, and let powerful eclipse energy guide you closer to achieving them.

Solar Eclipse Studs

When you wear these Solar Eclipse Studs, you are encouraged to let the awesome power of the sun fill you with hope and light. Solar eclipses are typically seen as more joyous and positive than lunar eclipses (which can often be more mysterious). During a solar eclipse, it’s not uncommon to gather together and view the phenomenon as a collective experience. Embrace these earrings as a symbol of connection and community.

Moonstone Crescent Necklace

This genuine Moonstone Crescent Necklace features moonstone cabochons throughout to invoke lunar energy and bring about inner clarity.

Moonstones are known for their ability to provide inner clarity and signal a deeper connection to the feminine. They encourage balance and emphasize how important it is to listen to, and be guided by, your intuition. This necklace uses the magical power of moonstones to inspire hope and help the wearer embrace new beginnings and positive transformation. 

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