Gift Guide: For the compassionate & imaginative Pisces in your life

Gift Guide: For the compassionate & imaginative Pisces in your life

Pisces season is upon us and that means we may all be falling more deeply into our own dreamy little worlds, regardless of our zodiac sign. People born under the Pisces zodiac sign (or who may have Pisces placements in their birth chart) will certainly enjoy the dream-like nature of the season and approach it as an opportunity to manifest.

Many Pisces can spend hours daydreaming or placing themselves in fun, alternative scenarios (like ones in which they’re rockstars, bestselling authors, or perhaps a famous fashion editor). Any Pisces in tune with her dreams who wants to manifest her desires absolutely needs the Dreams And Desires Necklace Set featuring Goddess Hedone, the Topaz Manifestation Amulet, and the Watchful Moon Eye Amulet

The Egyptians Collection features a plethora of pieces guaranteed to appeal to the artistic, history-loving Pisces. Enhance your Pisces’ regal energy with the Winged Cobra Lapis Lazuli Studs and give them the gift of living in the moment with the Ankh Stacking Ring.

Do the Pisces signs in your life love the moon? We’re not surprised. The serene lunar energy that takes over the night sky is like a siren’s song for any Pisces. Give them the powerfully energetic Moon Magic Necklace Set, comprised of the Coexist Medallion, Inverted Moon Amulet, and Moonstone Crescent Necklace, which promotes calm, fairness, and peace.

The dainty and elegant Double Moonstone Ring is another lovely piece that can be stacked with similar delicate rings or a statement design like the Celestial Mother of Pearl Ring.

Likewise, the genuine moonstone All The Phases of the Moon Necklace is a calming piece that will look good with pretty much any outfit (in case you’re already acquainted with a Pisces who’s a fashion editor!).

If a Pisces you know is in touch with her dark side, she may gravitate towards “occult”-inspired pieces from our Underworld Collection. The Flying Dagger Necklace and Inverted Torch Amulet are magical pieces that offer protection and a connection to the otherworldly. 

Don’t forget to look through the entire Zodiac Collection and get a Pisces Pendant as well.

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