Gift Guide: Last-minute gifts that don’t feel last-minute

Gift Guide: Last-minute gifts that don’t feel last-minute

Scrambling for a special last-minute gift? First, remember that you can always buy an Awe gift card and let your loved ones pick their own favorite pieces. However, you can also opt for something from this gift guide that features elegant, timeless, and universal pieces. Our Classic Paperclip Necklace (and the Chunky version) will flatter anyone. The Diamond Cut Triple Moon Band is an intricate, delicate piece perfect for stacking. Our Knife Edge Bracelet Cuff will truly never go out of style. The Butterfly Studs with enamel beads are affordable, pretty, and on trend.

The best thing about these “last-minute” pieces is that they’ll appeal to a wide variety of personalities and jewelry styles. You’re also going to love seeing their eyes light up when they open our gorgeous gift packaging to reveal these lovely necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Classic Paperclip Necklace - Universally flattering, this necklace is guaranteed to be worn often and treasured for years.

Cosmic Yin Yang Necklace - Manifest balance and harmony with this beautifully-designed yin yang necklace.

Diamond Cut Triple Moon Band - This dainty ring has intricate details that make it stand out effortlessly.

All The Stars Choker Necklace - This necklace is great for layering with other chains, whether they’re thin and delicate or chunky and eye-catching.

Triple Moon Stud Earrings - Harness lunar energy with these luminous genuine moonstone studs.

Butterfly Studs - Who doesn’t love the ephemeral butterfly? These stud earrings also feature hand-applied white enamel beads throughout.

Knife Edge Bracelet Cuff - This elegant cuff is dramatic enough on its own, but will complement any of our Goddess Cuffs as well.

The Perfect Bracelet Layering Set - This bracelet layering set is basically three gifts in one.

Double Wrap Enamel Bracelet - Creating a pretty layered look, our Double Wrap Enamel Bracelet is impossible not to love.
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