Not Just a Pretty Flower

Not Just a Pretty Flower

When you hear good news from a friend or family member or perhaps something very sad, often our first instinct is to send something thoughtful to either cheer them up, celebrate with them or to let them know that they’re in our thoughts and we’re here for them. Traditionally, for centuries, starting especially around the Middle Ages, gifting flowers has been a symbolic gesture that goes beyond simple gifting and holds deeper meanings. 

The tradition of giving a meaning to each flower type was said to be started in Turkey and then spread through Europe. The Victorians were known to widely practice this custom as well, and while people were assigning deeper meanings to each flower, artists and poets have longed viewed flowers as muses — the center of some of the most notable paintings and writings in human history. 

When we set out to create our Flowers Collection, of course we considered the simple beauty of a flower. The humility and modesty of their majesty. The way that seeing a field of flowers can instantly create a sense of awe. We thought about that even in the same species, there is always a uniqueness about a flower and that no two flowers are ever the same. We considered the fragility of a flower and how they succumb to their environment, thriving when conditions are ideal and how they almost always face the comforting direction of the sun’s warmth. 

We chose three flowers for this collection that carried deeper meanings but that were also unassuming in the most stunning of ways. That could be relatable to a range of people sparking both nostalgia and inspiration. 

Poppies are not only vibrant but some believe they are symbols of sleep and spiritual regeneration symbolizing reincarnation and the eternal life of our souls, reminding us that part of our soul’s evolution is death. They have been used to symbolize imagination, beauty, loss, and passionate love in different cultures. Some believe that spiritually, poppies represent positivity and peace, and create a harmonious balance within. The Poppy Amulet Necklace can help center your energy and drive away what does not serve you.

Daisies, like poppies, can grow in even some of the most challenging terrains. We often see them spread out alongside highways and emerging between cracks in abandoned spaces where it looks like time humanity has forgotten. At times they symbolize purity and innocence due to their bright nature. A Celtic legend says that God sprayed the hillsides and earth with daisies to cheer up parents who had lost a child. The Daisy Amulet Necklace will surround you with hope and lead you towards your rightful path in life.

Daffodils not only symbolize the beginning of spring but they often symbolize creativity and renewal. Said to inspire memories and forgiveness, they also can represent inner reflection. Their cheerful nature can encourage pure joy and gratitude for being alive as daffodils radiate warm and benevolent energy. The Daffodil Amulet Necklace will help fill you with light and optimism so that you can conquer the day, every day.

How do certain flowers speak to you? Do you feel a deeper sense of gratitude or emotion when in the presence of your favorite flower? Experience our newest Flowers Collection that was created with style in mind but also imagination to bring you closer to the earth and Mother Nature. 

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