Uncover: Warrior Goddesses and Why We All Deserve the Gifts of Inner Strength, Resilience, and Wisdom

Uncover: Warrior Goddesses and Why We All Deserve the Gifts of Inner Strength, Resilience, and Wisdom

In Disney’s beloved classic Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora is cursed by the evil fairy Maleficent. Before Maleficent’s arrival, two of the three good fairies, Flora and Fauna, bestow upon Aurora the gifts of beauty and song, respectively. Maleficent arrives before Merryweather can give her gift to the princess, curses Aurora, and leaves. Merryweather then mitigates Maleficent’s curse - instead of death, Aurora will simply fall into a deep sleep until she is awoken by “true love’s kiss.” 

The gifts of beauty and song are lovely, and Merryweather tries her best to undo the curse. But what if Flora and Fauna had given Princess Aurora more, um, empowering gifts? Gifts like inner strength and resilience, bravery and cunning, wisdom and self-sufficiency. Heck, perhaps even some actual battle skills or the ability to use a sword.

Maybe we’re asking too much of fairies or a movie that came out in 1959. Yet, even 2014’s Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie didn’t give Aurora, played by Elle Fanning, much power. Perhaps in the 2022 version of Sleeping Beauty, Aurora would have more agency and be able to save herself instead of waiting for a prince, or anyone, to kiss her. 

We created our Goddess Collection specifically to raise inner strength and to empower people. Goddesses like Athena, Mulan, Joan of Arc, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Medusa represent cleverness, autonomy, fierceness, independence, and perseverance. Goddesses like Lilith, Boudicca, The Morrigan, Durga, and Artemis represent feminine power, bravery, fearlessness, grit, and, in Artemis’ case, perfect aim with a bow and arrow.


If we’re lucky enough to ever have magical fairies give us gifts, we’d like to ask for the aforementioned qualities. Qualities embodied by our favorite goddesses throughout mythology and history. Truthfully however, fairies aren’t necessary, because we can all reach deep inside ourselves to unleash the strength, confidence, and determination that is already within us. We just have to become aware of our power, tap into it, and be fearless in unleashing it. Choose the Goddess that best embodies the kind of power and strength you want to tap into, and let her energy boost your own. 


Lilith - The original “First Wife,” Lilith eschewed playing second fiddle to a man and came into her own power.

Athena - One of the most powerful and important Greek goddesses, Athena strategized like no other to always come out on top.

Boudicca - This ancient Celtic Queen had the leadership skills and persistence necessary to topple entire armies.

The Morrigan - Often depicted as a crow, The Morrigan blessed others with fearlessness and bravery on the battlefield.

Joan of Arc - This French teenager was unstoppable because she believed in herself, her abilities, and her higher calling.

Mulan - Fierce and fearless, Mulan refused to hesitate in doing the right thing, despite often insurmountable odds.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - The Notorious RBG never wavered or tired in the long fight for social justice and equality.

Medusa - This modern-day feminist icon has been immortalized as a totem to ward off negativity and darkness.

Durga - Durga symbolizes self-discipline and uses her warrior skills to fight against oppression and to defeat evil.

Artemis - The ultimate huntress, Artemis protects the vulnerable and punishes those who would dare subdue her.

Our Amulet Collection also features pieces like the Sword Necklace, Shield Necklace, Dragon Necklace, Raised Fist Necklace, Scales of Justice Necklace, and Woman Power Necklace that can be combined with a Goddess necklace to increase its positive and empowering energy.
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