Goddess Isis Robbed

Goddess Isis Robbed

You want to unearth Isis? She’s an Egyptian deity known as the great mother and had the power to heal the sick, perform magic, and protect women and children. One of the earliest origin stories in human civilization is the tale of Isis, Osiris, and Horus dating back to the 24th century BC. 

Osiris was a God and the first king of Egypt, and he married his sister Isis. (Osiris was a pretty great God, despite that detail.) However, he was murdered by his brother Set for the throne. Not just murdered, dismembered. His body was buried across Egypt for good measure. But Isis found every last piece of her lost husband in order to resurrect his body long enough to have a child. And you thought finding a good date on Hinge was hard.

That child was Horus, the hawk god, and with Isis’ help he challenged his uncle Set to the throne. Now that Osiris ruled the Underworld, he decided in the end that Horus made a better ruler as he didn’t commit murder to be King. Because of her successes, the pharaohs of Egypt prayed to Isis. And so every Egyptian prayed to her as well, appealing to the Goddess for fertility, childbirth, love, healing, travel, and eternal life. 

If this story sounds a little familiar, it’s probably because Isis and Horace served as the model for early Christians to depict Mary and Jesus.

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