49 Compelling Reasons to Vote Today

49 Compelling Reasons to Vote Today

By Amy Elliot, JCK

November 3, 2020

No, this is not an actual list of 49 reasons why it matters greatly if you vote today (but get in touch if you need me to provide you with some good ones).

It is, however, my way of celebrating this historic presidential election and jumping on the “go vote” train that many of us have been riding. (Or “ridin’ ” with a certain someone, as the case may be.)

I’d planned to vote on Election Day but instead will be working the polls where I live in Connecticut—in a location different from my polling place—so I voted via absentee ballot yesterday.

I will be wearing pearls and a whole lot of PPE.

I will be thinking of RBG. I will be thinking of my daughter.

I know I don’t have to spell it out for you. Or repeat myself a dozen times, as I’ve done below.

I know you get it. But here we are.

Your house is on fire.


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