Celebrating and Respecting Nature with our new Earth Day Collection

Celebrating and Respecting Nature with our new Earth Day Collection

The very first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 in the United States. In 1990, Earth Day went global. Nowadays, Earth Day is more important than ever. With the climate crisis continuing to be a huge problem, celebrating and respecting the planet is in all of our best interests. We can all do our part to not only help preserve the planet for future generations, but also to put pressure on huge corporations (the real climate crisis culprits) to make changes that will significantly lower their carbon footprint. 

Our new Earth Day Collection is an homage to the beauty and magic of this planet we all call home. Two iconic and highly requested Earth Goddesses – Gaia and Ala – join our Goddess pantheon, in addition to two high-energy crystals – clear quartz and amazonite. The Goddesses symbolize and promote a deeper connection to nature and the planet. They underscore the importance of caring for the Earth and serve as a reminder that regardless of how we live today, we are all children of nature. The crystal jewelry featuring clear quartz and amazonite will help ground you and chase away negative energy. Crystals are incredibly powerful gifts from nature and continue to grow in popularity in regards to spiritual wellness. We included these powerful crystals in this collection to help you embrace this aspect of the natural world that can give you so much strength.

Get to know: Earth Goddesses Gaia and Ala

The personification of Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities, Gaia is a benevolent, nurturing Goddess. The first of the immortals, she came to being when everything was chaos, and created the Earth and star-filled sky as we know it. Gaia is your Goddess if you are lovingly known as the “mom” of your friend group. You enjoy taking care of people and making sure everyone feels good and loved. Your selflessness is your superpower. It wouldn’t be surprising if you also feel a real passion for the planet and all of its creatures.

Ala is a deity of the Igbo people of southern Nigeria. Her name literally translates to “ground,” and she is the Goddess of the Earth, fertility, and morality. She is also the ruler of the underworld and guardian of the harvest. She not only gives life, but also welcomes the souls of the dead into her womb. Ala will appeal to you if you have a strong sense of justice. You like to find balance in all things and know all the facts before you make a decision. It’s rare for you to be unfairly judgmental or act on impulse. 

Explore our Earth Collection and allow yourself to deepen your connection with nature.

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