Collection Launch: The Underworld opens its gates

Collection Launch: The Underworld opens its gates

Will you step into darkness?

Introducing our new Underworld Collection, which includes the new Special Edition Persephone Goddess Pendant and powerful amulets and curated sets that speak to the dark, potent energy of this shadowed realm. Pieces like the Guardian’s Crystal Amulet and Gates of Hades Key Amulet offer protection, but also remind us that we can be the masters of our own destiny. When you choose to descend into the Underworld, remember that nothing is as it seems.

Meet the new Persephone

The Special Edition Persephone Goddess Pendant features a genuine garnet to symbolize a pomegranate seed. Persephone holds the seed in one hand and a skull in the other to represent her rule over the Underworld and the world above.


Meet the new Amulets

Flying Dagger Amulet Necklace

Stay protected at all times from danger and negative energy with the intricate Flying Dagger Amulet. This piece features genuine moonstone to offer clarity of mind, while also keeping you safe and out of harm’s way. Remember, the Flying Dagger never misses its mark.

The Guardian’s Crystal Amulet

Do you want to communicate with the dearly departed? The Guardian’s Crystal Amulet features a snake winding around a clear quartz crystal to signify the ability of these creatures to send messages between the Upper and Lower Worlds. In many ancient cultures, snakes represented death, but could also be seen as symbols of hidden wisdom waiting to be uncovered. Heighten your connection to the afterlife with this piece.

Inverted Torch Amulet

Thanatos escorted the spirits of the dead into the Underworld, with torches often lighting the way. This Inverted Torch Amulet can be worn as a powerful symbol of beginnings and endings – as the wreath detail represents life after death and the wings represent Thanatos’ singular role in leading souls into the next realm.

The Gate of Hades Key Amulet

What does it mean to hold the keys to hell? When you use the Gates of Hades Key Amulet, you can unlock your own hidden power and stores of knowledge to help you reach your full potential. The Gates of Hades Key naturally opens the gates to the Underworld, but also serves as a symbol of authority, truth, justice and freedom, and the mysteries that can never be solved (and perhaps shouldn’t be).

Inverted Moon Amulet

Let the power of the moon wash over you when you wear this Inverted Moon Amulet with a stunning genuine moonstone cabochon at center. The Inverted Moon can represent many things, including: the ending of that which no longer serves you, a beautiful new beginning, and invincible female power or sexuality.


Meet the Necklace Sets

Reviving The Spirit Necklace Set

Rebirth, new beginnings, and life after death are affirmed in this potent necklace set that sees Goddess of witchcraft Hecate use the powers of the rejuvenating Inverted Moon Amulet and the strengthening Flying Dagger Amulet to enhance her magic. She uses these amulets to demonstrate the significance of life’s cyclical nature while also leading souls toward their rightful paths and blocking negative energy. 

Witching Hour Necklace Set

As a moon goddess, Hecate’s powers are boosted with the Triple Moon Amulet, where she represents the waning moon. The Guardian’s Crystal Amulet featuring a clear crystal quartz with a snake winding around it enhances Hecate’s ability to communicate between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. It can help you be more in touch with the light and the dark energies of the universe, and use them to your advantage.

Forbidden Fruit Necklace Set

When Persephone ate the pomegranate seeds during her visit to the Underworld, she sealed her fate. However, she was able to negotiate staying with Hades for only six months of the year and returning to the living world the other half of the year. Her duality and ability to straddle both worlds is empowering. Use it as a reminder that you too can fully embrace the complexity of your own nature.

Unlock Your Path Necklace Set

Sometimes a key can mean the difference between freedom and bondage…or life and death. Persephone holds the Gates of Hades Key in her hand to unlock the gate between the living world and the Underworld. Wear this necklace set with Persephone, the Inverted Moon Amulet, and the Gates of Hades Key Amulet to give yourself the power to lock or unlock as you see fit. Perhaps you will lock away what no longer serves you…in order to unlock a new path.

Transform & Transcend Necklace Set

Although not all snakes are poisonous, they do all shed their skins. Thus, they more accurately represent transformation rather than death (which can also be interpreted as a transformational state). Snakes were also believed to be guardians of the Underworld and its important messengers. When you choose to wear invincible Medusa with clarity-bringing Guardian’s Crystal Amulet and the strengthening Snake Amulet, you are welcoming a powerful, life-changing metamorphosis into your body and soul.

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